Madden 21 Ultimate Team: MUT 21 TOTW 5 prediction

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Every week of the 2020 NFL season means another team of the week (TOTW) in the Madden 21 Ultimate Team. This will provide new cards for historical players and upgrades for existing players who advance. Players can buy MUT 21 Coins to quickly obtain the ideal card.

Team of the Week (TOTW) is an important Madden Ultimate Team plan, with some major changes in Madden 21. The plan now includes Heroes and LTD players who have historically performed this week in the NFL season in previous years, as well as elite players from this year and this week. Let's review the people we think will make MUT 21 TOTW 5 finalists! These are some of our predictions for MUT 21 TOTW 5.

Chase Claypool, Marcus Peters
Chase Claypool is not a household name, but every football fan should mark it after week 5 of the 2020 NFL season. Claypool's incredible 3 TD, 110-yard game beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 38-29 to the Philadelphia Eagles, thus maintaining the Steelers' best season to date. In week 5, Marcus Peters held a very unique challenge for the Baltimore Ravens, forcing him to fumble, steal and grab the sacks. The Ravens' defense defeated the Cincinnati Bengals by a 27-3 overwhelming advantage, and Peters has achieved important defenses in all aspects.

DK Metcalfe, Ezekiel Elliot
Metcalf was a superstar in the 2020 season, and it debuted in week 5. Metcalfe's two TDs and a 93-yard distance pushed the Seattle Seahawks to beat the Minnesota Vikings with a surprisingly narrow 27-26. At the end of the half, they ended an amazing comeback with a 13-0 amazing score. Ezekiel Elliot performed well in Week 5, rushing for 2 TDs and 91 yards. Despite the loss of Dak Prescott who may end up with an ankle injury (dislocation and compound fracture) at the end of the season, this helped the Dallas Cowboys achieve a 37-34 victory.

Adam Thielen, Zadarius Smith
Adam Thielen was a beacon of hope for the Minnesota Vikings, but another strong performance ended in failure. Thielen managed 2 TDs and 80 yards on Sunday, but that was not enough, even with the Vikings leading 13-0 at halftime. The Seattle Seahawks won the game 27-26. Za'Darius Smith should not be underestimated in the Green Bay Packers 30-16 defeat of the Atlanta Falcons. Smith managed 8 tackles in the victory, including 3 sacks. After the game, the Atlanta Falcons took a move to fire General Motors general manager Thomas Dimitroff and head coach Dan Quinn . These may be 2 sacks added to Smith's status line. This is part of the prediction of MUT 21 TOTW 5. Players can buy Madden 21 Coins in GameMS at a price below the market.

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