Twitter for Freelance Writers

Do you want to take a leap from your day job, or are you an experienced writer? Here twitter for writer can play an important role in finding your potential clients.

Are you a freelance writer? If yes! Then you might be aware that Twitter and LinkedIn are the two best platforms for searching for freelance writing work. There are the chances that you might be missing out on the best job opportunities if you are not using social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more as these are the best marketing tools. 

Uses of twitter can be beneficial for you and business, too, as it helps you to start up your business in a positive direction. You might not be known to the fact that there are 70% of jobs that are landed over the networking sites, which means that you have a vast range of recruiters and clients who provide the list of jobs over these social networking sites. This might be huge, but various websites give these analyses. 

Twitter can be another platform for writers to search out the jobs that are relevant to your profile. Instead of this, you can communicate with potential clients who are using twitter for writer. Before proceeding to the details of the writers twitter, we will discuss the information about twitter.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is one of the social media platforms that was started in 2006 that is used for microblogging. The user of twitter can tweet with 140 characters about the subject that they wanted to read about. People mostly tweet about location, food, and much more. 

But because of the high demand for twitter, they increase the limit of characters to 280, so that one can write their thoughts completely. This is the platform where users can retweet on tweets of people, follow other users, and whenever they tweet then you will be able to see their tweets in the feed. Twitter always updates people about accidents or city-wide closures and natural disasters. So that individuals can take appropriate steps regarding these calamities. Twitter does not demand of cost to start, so use it freely and maintain your profile.

Develop your twitter profile:

After sign in to your account, first, develop your profile as a writer so that clients can see your profile. This will help you to develop your profile as writers twitter. As recruiters find your twitter profile; therefore, you have to make it easier for them to find. 

To create a profile, first, click “Edit Your Profile” showing on the right-hand corner. Here you will find the option of:

  • Edit your name.
  • Share your location.
  • Upload your profile photo.
  • Add a bio. 
  • Upload your header photo.
  • Involve your website address.

Who to follow on twitter:

When it about the writers twitter, who you follow can make a difference. Therefore, it becomes necessary to follow the clients or companies wisely. Always follows:

  • Blogs and companies in your niche.
  • Follow writers twitter.
  • Companies that listed the job ads that you have reacted to.
  • Companies with who you want to work.
  • Freelance writing and blogging job boards.

Twitter for writer is also a good opportunity for writers to communicate with another writer. For example, they can suggest the location for the writing jobs that they know, or they can also refer to a job opportunity to you so that you can submit your details for that particular writing jobs. Follow the different job boards as you can get the alerts when someone posts the new job.

How to use twitter for writer:

Share content:

This can be the most important part for writers twitter. Because of this, you can share your views and then start the conversation with the other freelance writer. This does not only enhance your writing skills but also improve your knowledge. 

There is no hard and fast rule for posting the content on twitter, as you can post 14 times/weekday and 7 times/day on the weekend days but not more than once/hour (reply to tweets of people do not include in it). But do not think that you need to share 14 different content every day.

If you are worried that you might require to be online all the time for the updations, then there is no need to do so as there are different tools like TweetDeck that aid you to schedule and even helps you to manage various accounts. 

Search for motivational people of your niche and follow them:

Several individuals are using twitter for different purposes, but a freelance writer needs to follow twitter for writer from whom he/she can find the inspiration for their writings. 

Because of your writing, various people will automatically follow you back to whom you are following. Therefore, before the following twitter, you need to research out the people who follow twitter for writer. Then make a list of them then follow those people. We also advise you to use ‘#’ for current issues and ‘@’ to search for the name of the person. 

Using this method, you can share your content with the other writers and also get the chance to read out the other’s writing by which you can get the idea and know the other’s writing niche. 

The secret of twitter for writer:

Numerous online business persons seek out for the good writers. If you think that you are the one, then you can get your followers easily on twitter. Due to your followers, there is the possibility that they will share your content with others by which others can also content to you. 

Once you get known to others, you can write as per the reader’s choice. This will open the opportunities for you to write on the different topics and as per the readers’ interest. This helps you to generate a strong impression on the reader’s mind as well as to get in touch with the other professional writers.


Nowadays, Twitter is providing a number of opportunities for writers. The main motive to grab the attention of potential clients so that you can be known for Twitter for writer. Before being a writer, it is mandatory to make a strong profile; therefore, we have mentioned all the necessary details about the twitter profile. Use # and @ appropriately to search for current events and locations. Twitter can be a powerful tool for writers only if they use it properly. If you want to know other information about the freelance writings, then check our blogs on our best freelance website