What Papers Do You Have To Carry In The Car Or Motorcycle?

you run the risk of receiving an administrative penalty. As a Auto For Trade customer, you can consult and download your insurance policy at the Internet Office.

When we circulate with our vehicle, whether it is a short trip or a long trip, we must always be very clear about what papers to carry in the car. Complying with this obligation will avoid us legal problems, and it will also be very useful if we have any mishap.

The Papers To Carry In The Car

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you do not carry any of these documents, you risk suffering an administrative sanction if they are requested. Keep in mind that the photocopies of the documents are not valid, unless they are certified and circulate in Spain. The essential documents are:

  • The   valid driving license. (one)
  • The registration certificate of the car or the license of the moped. (two)
  • The technical inspection card of the car or the certificate of the technical characteristics of the moped (2), which certify that the vehicle meets all the requirements for driving.
  • If you have a vehicle towing trailers or semi-trailers that do not exceed 750 kg in weight, you need the inspection card for the trailer or semi-trailer (2). In addition, on the back of the vehicle's technical inspection card it will appear that it has an approved coupling.
  • The latest favorable ITV review (3) and its corresponding sticker affixed to the top right of the car's windshield. If this is not possible, in another visible place.

Is it mandatory to carry the insurance receipt in the car?

We highlight this point since people have many doubts about it. Although there is some ambiguity about the obligation or not to carry the receipt that certifies that you have paid the insurance (4), from verti we recommend that you do so to avoid any type of problem. This will ensure that you are current on payments if there are any problems.

What Documentation Is Not Mandatory To Carry In The Vehicle?

Among the papers that we often have at home or are staying in different parts of the car, we have some that are not necessary to carry:

  • The insurance policy (5). Just as we recommend bringing the receipt of the last payment, it is not mandatory to carry the policy in the car. You must take out liability insurance for each vehicle, and if you don't, you run the risk of receiving an administrative penalty. As an Auto For Trade customer, you can consult and download your insurance policy at the Internet Office.
  • The last receipt that proves that you are up to date with the payment of   the vehicle's road tax.
  • The environmental mark (6) for the emission of polluting gases from the vehicle, although with exceptions. The obligatory nature of this sticker depends on the competent body in each municipality or autonomous community.

For example, in the city of Madrid, it is mandatory to use the environmental badge as of April 24, 2019, by the Urban Mobility Plan approved by its city council. Polluting vehicles cannot circulate through the center of the capital. The sticker must appear on the lower right side of the vehicle's windshield or, failing that, in a visible place.

And You, Do You Carry All The Necessary Documentation?

As you may have seen, it is very important to know what papers to carry in the car or motorcycle to comply with current legislation and keep it up to date with payment to avoid penalties.

Keep in mind that not having this documentation can even entail the immobilization of the vehicle. Do you have all the mandatory documentation with you?