Best Earphones Under 500

list of best earphones under 500 available in India

In the wake of investigating all the spending headphones accessible in the market dependent on significant variables like sound quality, comfort level, form quality, accessibility of mouthpiece, and so forth, we have made a complete rundown of the best earphones under Rs.500


All the headphones on our rundown sound extraordinarily useful at the cost and a large portion of them accompany fair form quality also. 


Here are the best headphones under Rs.500 which that merit purchasing and offer the best sound understanding. 


Best Earphones Under Rs.500 (In-Ear) 


1. JBL C50HI Overall Best Pick 


2. Boundlessness Zip 100 Runner-up pick 


3. MuveAcoustics Drive Best for Voice Calls 


4. Vessel BassHeads 152 Best Value for Money 


5. Blaupunkt EM01 Best Build Quality 


6. Boult Audio BassBuds Loop Comfort-Fit Earphones 


7. Artis E400M Earphone with Large Drivers 


8. Honor AM115 Budget Branded Earphone 


9. Gionee EP1 Cheapest Wired Earphone 


10. Vessel BassHeads 103 Earphone with Rich Bass Sound 


11. Mi Basic No Frills Basic Earphone 


12. Sound Technica ATH CLR100BK Earphones With Best Tonal Balance 


13. Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 Honourable Mention