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With lots of research on diabetes and advances in diabetes treatments, it's curious to think someone has finally found a type 2 diabetes cure by now. But the reality is that there is no cure for Type 2 Diabetes and type 1 diabetes, yet we can effectively prevent them from some guidel

Top Preventive Tips Guidelines To Manage Type 2 diabetes and Type 1 diabetes:

  1. Manage your blood sugar levels -

Help keep them as near to normal as possible every day. Check out your glucose levels frequently. Take your Type 2 diabetes and Type 1 diabetes medicine regularly and balance your food intake with exercise, stress management, medication, and good sleep habits.


  1. Plan what you eat at each meal -

Stick to your diabetes eating plan as often as possible. Get advice from Diabetes Hospital.


  1. Bring healthy snacks with you -

Keep less likely to snack on empty calories.


  1. Exercise regularly -

Exercise will help keep you fit, burn calories, and helps normalize your blood glucose levels.


  1. Keep up with your medical appointments -

That includes your doctor, diabetes educator, ophthalmologist, dentist, podiatrist, and other health care professionals and get utmost Type 2 diabetes treatment @


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Even though there's no type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes cure, diabetes can be still treated and controlled, and some people may go into remission. To manage diabetes effectively to forget to follow those steps as mentioned above.

If you already following the steps, please let us know in the comment section below, Or If you find these steps difficult to follow, please feel free to contact Dr.Mohans Diabetes Hospital for genuine and effective Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 diabetes treatment. Happy Diabetes Managing!


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