Webroot Safe Antivirus Features and How to Use Them

When the user buys an antivirus one thing which they look into the antivirus is how many features the user will get if they install the particular antivirus into their device.

When the user buys an antivirus one thing which they look into the antivirus is how many features the user will get if they install the particular antivirus into their device. The user needs to keep this thing into their mind that scanning of virus and scanning the files which can affect the device and the data of the user can be done by any of the antivirus and these features are one of basic one the user will get these features even on the free version of antivirus they are using. Now the user has to decide what are features which they will get by webroot installation antivirus into their device because if the user are getting the most basic features despite paying the money then installing that antivirus is not worth and the user needs to refrain themselves from using such antivirus currently and in the near future. But if the user is getting more features and more security then in that case the user should download and install such antivirus even if the user has to pay little bit of more money. Because when it comes to the security the user needs to avoid any kind of compromise.

Webroot antivirus is one such antivirus which will give the user optimum level of features with minimum price. One thing which stands out the Webroot antivirus with any other antivirus is that the Webroot antivirus is capable of detecting the virus very easily and the features of Webroot antivirus will help the user to enhance the security of their device and of their data. Now there are many features of Webroot antivirus which the user would like to use in order to increase the security of their data and of their device. The features of Webroot about which the user needs to be aware of or the user needs to know that if Webroot.com/safe antivirus is offering these features into their budget, then the user can install the Webroot antivirus into their device. Features which the user needs to look before installing Webroot antivirus are- Anti-phishing, protection from malware, ransomware, protection from keyloggers who can see what the user is typing on their keyboard, etc. If the user are getting security from these kind of viruses then in that case the user should hesitate from buying the premium of Webroot antivirus. For the user it is important to use all these features of Webroot antivirus in order to secure their data and their device from the attack of viruses and any other kind of threats. But if the user is new to Webroot antivirus then they should how to use the different features of Webroot antivirus.


How to Features of Webroot Antivirus

  1. VPN Feature- when the user connects their device with the internet then the user is inviting lots of hackers which can track the original IP address of the user can see what the user is doing on the internet. Like what websites the user is watching, what are the activities the user is doing on the internet, etc. This is very dangerous from the user’s point of view because if someone can see what they are doing that’s the breach of their privacy. So, to hide their originality on the internet the Webroot antivirus brought this feature of VPN which is an abbreviation of Virtual private network, when the user uses the VPN feature their original IP address gets hidden and their original location also gets changed. So, this becomes difficult for the hacker to make an attack on the user and on their privacy by tracking their original IP address.


  1. Firewall Setting of Webroot Antivirus- Firewall setting is something which stops the attack of malicious virus and hacking attempt on the user’s device. Although the Windows operating system provides this feature internally but if the user wants to activate the firewall setting of their Webroot antivirus, then in that case the user follows the steps in order to configure Webroot firewall.
  2. The user needs to click on the icon of Webroot in order to open the Webroot antivirus.
  3. Under the PC security on the main page the user will see the firewall status.
  4. Button on the side of real-time shield, web shield and firewall is green this means that the user is enables.


  1. Anti-Phishing Technology- Anti-phishing technology is something which prevents the user to visit those websites which are not safe to use. The internet is fill of these websites which looks real to the user but when the user visits those websites the virus can came running into the user’s device for the user it is important that they keep themselves away from these websites. this is because use of these websites is not safe for the user and for their data and when the user is on the website, they can send the virus which can harm their data or they can steal the data of the user. So, the anti-phishing technology of Webroot antivirus makes sure that the user remains away from these kinds of websites.