Fix Why is my printer not responding issue

Here are some of the common fixes that can help you when you want to know why is my printer not responding.

Information to fix if a printer has not responding issue 

If you are using a printer and it stops responding to your requests, can be frustrating, as it affects the working of the user. The printer not responding issue is generally encountered due to unresponsive services, hardware faults, or incorrect configurations. To fix this issue, you need to try different solutions, as the configurations of all printers and computers are different. Here are some of the common fixes that can help you when you want to know why is my printer not responding.

Fixes for printer not responding issue

Before heading towards the fixes for the issue, you must know about the cause why is my printer not responding. Once you know about the reason, you can try out the following fixes:

  • Check for the hardware- Initially, you need to start with the hardware checks. You need to ensure that all connections are proper, whether wired or wireless. If you find anything faulty, replace it. The connections must be tight, and cables must be properly plugged in.

  • Restart the spooler service- It is the program responsible for managing the print jobs. With this program, you can manage the print waitlist. The issue might get resolved by restarting the spooler service.

  • Run the printer troubleshooter- If you are using Windows, troubleshooters are already there. To fix the printer issue, you can try running the printer troubleshooter and check for the problems.

  • Configure to correct port- Your printer might not be responding to your commands as it is connected to an incorrect port. You can try configuring the printer ports through the control panel.

  • Update printer drivers- When you find that printers are not responding to your commands, you can check for all the available updates. If there is any pending update for the printer drivers, you must complete it. Once it is done, you can check if the printer is working or not.

If you still didn't get the answer to why is my printer not responding, you can contact the customer support of the printer manufacturer. You can find the contact details by browsing the official website of the manufacturer, and then accordingly contact the support executives for assistance.