Remove smell in your house

if you are sick of bad smell in your house, this is the article you should read

Accept all kinds of smells on your shirt with tips or help deodorize very quickly, effectively with only 1 minute 30 seconds
Most of us have been caught in the case of going out to eat a hot pot and coming out of the smell of hotpot, or just sitting next to him to smoke only, the hair, ears, clothes are full of smoke.

If it's a thin coat, wash it every day but what if a thick coat? jigsaw puzzle

Spraying perfume on the shirt only makes the smell on the shirt ... smell harder. Then pocket the deodorant right away! Because it can help you get rid of all the smells on your shirt, including the smell of dust.

Items to be prepared:

- Hairdryer

- Large nylon bags (often used in laundromat)

- Hanger, scissors