When Should You Opt For Helical Screw Piles?

The modern constructors seeking feasible and affordable strengthening solutions can benefit from the Helical Screw Piles installations. They are quick and easy to implement modifications to provide quick accident prevention.

Strengthening a building is quite difficult once it is built. As we don't have the feasibility to shift and change the walls once constructed, we seek mechanical modifications. Helical Screw Piles are among the popularly used adjustments that are easy to install and the best solutions for longevity. However easy they seem and look; they should be planned strategically to install at the right place and time. Explore here when you should use helical piers to avoid later dangers.


Recognising The Need 

If your building is old or if you are planning to construct a new one, piers can be the best foundational supports to strengthen the base. Helical piers are designed with easy to insert shafts and brackets to insert directly into the soil. They are suitable in various situations like:


  • For Disaster Management: Soil profile or the topography prone to floods and earthquakes should be constructed with prior planning. Avoiding the weak topsoil, the piers can insert deep into the thick clay to hold the structure firmly. The strong grip allows the structure to withstand heavy tremors.


  • Remodelling Structural Defects: Old and worn-out structures are also prone to collapse, damage or simply sinking into the soil. If your property is more than ten years old, hiring a property examination expert to proceed with piers installation is better. Timely precaution can save your building from heavy collapse.


  • New Construction Projects: A proper soil examination and constructional architecture planning are essential before constructing any building. You should also plan for the internal strength to lay a rigid foundation apart from the outward structure. It is beneficial to proceed with a soil profile examination to determine the relative strength and insert piers if required.


Why Can Helical Piers Be The Best?


As helical piers are relatively suitable in various situations, you might wonder how they are different from other methods. Constructors choose the best helical piers and piles solutions NH for a feasible business having:


  • Cost-effectiveness: General foundation strengthening procedures are lengthy and costly. They require a lot of stone and concrete to form a rigid base inside the earth. Piers being instant to fix and adjust, are quite cheap compared to the other procedures.


  • Less Excavation Required: One of the benefits is the less need for excavation. As the whole basement needn't be excavated out, piers are easy to install even after an accident or the building is constructed. It even doesn't require the basement to be dug and excavated as in many underpinning procedures as they are inserted from the sides.


The pier solutions experts visit the site and conduct a detailed examination before they proceed with the remodelling. With assured guidance and proper selection, you can rebuild your structure anew.