Great action movie to watch with family

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The spy genre takes on a happy identity when the gentleman Harry, nicknamed Galahad (Colin Firth), recruits young Eggy (Theron Egerton) to follow in his father's footsteps and become a spy for the high-end secret service Kingsman. You can check the moviesverse and search for your favorite movies of all time. Go and explore the ocean of entertainment on the website.

The members of this organization save the world

Codenamed the Knights of the Round Table, the members of this organization save the world with refined brutality, donning the finest clothes a tailor can imagine, then disappear again without thanks or recognition. The first act takes its time and gives us a beautiful image of this warrior who can only be a hero. Eggy's father died saving Galahad's life, and Eggy seems to have inherited his kindness.


The best character for this movie

However, he has two disadvantages: on the one hand, he is very reckless and on the other hand, he is carefree, impulsive, and does not think about anything until he gets into trouble for no reason. He is the perfect character for this movie because he has a lot of energy and charm. Theron Egerton plays the lead, which is not surprising not only is she very likable, but her presence is charming, easily drawing you into the plot and making you care about her character.

The training that came to the fore

The script gave Eggy's problems a pleasantly unexpected depth, which, combined with Egerton's characterization and acting, quickly made her a very likable character. So when the second act begins and Eggsy is pitted against a large group of Kingsman recruits, most of whom are also made up of absolute snobs, I found myself drawn into the training that was beginning to unfold more than the film itself. This was the height of the film's entertainment value.


Old spy movies and certainly not

The fact that the competition involves kids and we have to pull a fish out of the water is not very original and certainly not unique, but somehow it was hilarious. All of the educational activities were fun because they were cheesy and crazy, something you couldn't do in the old spy movies and certainly not in the new low-budget movies because you're afraid they're not original. The action is unusually stylized and well used.

The style is more polished

The best fight scene is at the beginning of the film, in the pub, where the style is more polished. The choreography is top-notch, fun, and exciting, and that's all the film promises. The camera lets you see everything, but not by standing still and avoiding the shaky camera, but by watching the action and intensifying it. It shakes when it pushes someone to the ground, increases its speed wildly, and moves with unexpected turns, all with flair.


The worst happens at the beginning of the third process

After that, the intensity drops a bit, but the tension remains high even during the final battle. Among other consequences, the worst happens at the beginning of the third act, when the training ends and the world war begins. It all begins in a quaint Kentucky church, where Christians are portrayed as violent, crazed extremists during a service that may be a cult. You can check the cloudy and search for your favorite movies of all time. Go and explore the ocean of entertainment on the website. I started this scene with a frown, and then the film began to evolve and lost me artistically.


Opportunity to play on Spy Movie Clutch

Galahad's death was contrived - I liked that the filmmakers took the opportunity to play on spy movie clichés, but in the end, Galahad's death was a big disappointment and his relationship with Eggsy, at least for me, left a mark. I don't know if they could have done better, but unfortunately, it was the beginning of a slight but noticeable decline.