What to do when Brother printer won't print black: Expert choice guide

Brother printer, not printing black has been a regular problem with Brother Inkjet printers.

Brother Inkjet Printers are notorious for having a black cartridge that does not print. For as long as I can remember, Brother printer, not printing black has been a regular problem with Brother Inkjet printers. Nobody (even Brother) appears to know why this problem is so prevalent, or why it has plagued Brother printers for so long. In this post, I'd want to start with the primary factors that might create this problem, then go on to the answers.

It's a common scenario: you need to print something, but your printer's black ink has chosen to go on vacation. You go directly to Google and seek solutions to this problem, and you come across numerous printer forums with no apparent conclusion. We've received calls about Brother printer not printing black as well, so we've compiled a list of things you may try if your printer stops producing in black.


The Cause of Brother Printer Not Printing Black

Brother Printer not printing black might be caused by a number of factors, including the CISS system, Cartridge, and Breather Tape. If any of these three are malfunctioning, my friend, you will never be able to get your printer to work regularly again.


CISS system: CISS might be the root of your problem since it causes the printhead to become blocked.

Using the Horrendous ink: The ink you're using should be good enough to print with. If you don't, you'll have to deal with the problem of your Brother printer, not printing black.

Using an empty cartridge: When the brother printer tells you that the ink cartridge is going to run out, many people continue to use it, which is fine for a while.

Examining Breather's tape: This is a rather common and stupid error that many people make. They neglect to remove the tape, and as a result, the ink stays sealed, resulting in the Brother printer not producing black.

Purge Pump is inoperable or defective:

A malfunctioning purge pump or purge seal is another frequent issue that can cause a printer to cease producing in black or color.

Data Cable Error:

The data cable is often a thin, flat ribbon wire that links the printer's electronics to the printhead.


If your brother's printer won't print black, follow these steps.


  • Confirm that you have removed the Breather tape from the cartridge's top.
  • Check to see if the printer has detected the new ink cartridge.
  • Run two nozzle cleans on the black print nozzle from your printer's LCD menu. It is recommended that you only utilize the nozzle cleaning method 2-3 times.
  • Simply printing a few dark photographs will let you select the best quality photo option. This will give you an indication of whether or not all of the nozzles are operational. This will also aid in pushing the ink out of the nozzle.


Advanced Repairs:

If the problem isn't with the cartridge or the printhead, it's conceivable that it's with the software/printer driver. Changing the paper settings is one solution to the problem.

Changing the printer driver settings to "glossy picture paper" may cause the printer to restart printing. This only applies if your printer has two black cartridges, one dye-based and one pigment-based. The kind of black ink used by your printer is generally determined by the paper type used. Pigment black works better on matte paper, whereas dye works best on glossy. We're expecting that by moving from one paper type to the other, we'll be able to trigger or jump-start any of the black cartridges.


How to Solve Brother Printer Won't Print Black Ink Problems


Print on a regular basis.

If you print frequently, there will be a steady flow of ink through the print head, which helps to prevent ink jams at the nozzle.


Ensure that you only use high-quality generic ink cartridges.

If you use high-quality generic ink cartridges, your printer will produce high-quality output.


Do not place the Brother printer in a hot location.

If you set your printer near a window or in a warm location, ink may congeal within the printhead. Experts recommend that you set your printer in the proper posture.

Hopefully, these solutions will assist you in resolving the Brother Printer won't print black difficulties you are presently experiencing.

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