Graduate Diploma in Counselling Singapore

Graduate Diploma in Counselling Singapore

The Graduate Diploma in Counselling Singapore (GDC Singapore) is a post-graduate diploma available to both professionals and non-professionals. The course curriculum provides an intensive study of counselling and psychotherapy, and also includes a component on the theory and practice of mental health.

The Graduate Diploma of Counseling is develop counselling competencies and give preparing to experts who look to join progressed directing abilities in their essential word related job. You can check ACC Institute of Human Services for courses.

The Graduate Diploma in Counseling is a functional and animating project intended for up-and-comers with practically no information in brain research and directing. It gives primary learning and requires basic investigation and conversation in the ideas and thoughts. This program is intended for experts with the goal that they can have a more profound comprehension foster functional directing strategies.

Regardless of whether you are new to guiding or you have existing proficient experience and wish to seek after a conventional advising capability, course permits you to future evidence your vocation with an industry-perceived capability while empowering you to meet your work and family responsibilities.

What makes it unique?

Graduate Diploma in Counseling centers around furnishing you with industry-esteemed abilities and an inside and out comprehension of certifiable directing cycles. This course offers the chance to:

Concentrate deftly — we realize that you need to offset study with your current responsibilities. Our course is deftly conveyed to assist you with adjusting your responsibility, with choices to concentrate on units across trimesters, permitting you to tailor your program of study to your individual needs.

Learn with enthusiastic and experienced scholastics and experts and outfit yourself with the down to earth information and abilities needed to flourish in a quickly evolving work environment. Our mix of internet learning and compulsory escalated schools implies that you can coordinate hypothetical mastering with abilities based practice, scholastic help and clinical oversight.

Pick a pathway to follow, with choices for the Generalist Counseling Pathway, the Mental Health Practice Pathway or the Counseling Placement Pathway which incorporates 40 hours of up close and personal guiding, 10 hours of clinical management and 150 hours of organization based exercises.


This exceptionally intelligent program empowers people to procure correspondence strategies, which are helpful in day by day friendly setting. From social administrations, HR, client assistance, the board, advertising to nurturing and self-improvement.

Subsequent to concentrating on this Graduate Diploma, you would have the option to get an opportunity to seek after a remunerating vocation as a (however not restricted to):

-Local area Health Workers

-Wellbeing Educators


-Emotional wellness Counselors

-Recovery Counselors

-Social Workers

Affirmation Criteria

Members are relied upon to add to the class learning encounters in a companion and friend learning climate. You will be evaluated dependent on experience, inclination, potential and administrative abilities.

The religious Graduate Diploma in Counseling extraordinarily coordinates philosophy, directing, and brain science with an accentuation on training. Understudies will profit from a decent comprehension of how to coordinate otherworldliness and confidence into directing in multi-social Asia. They will likewise secure a profound information on the mental speculations supporting directing.