Bottles in cardboard boxes: the best wine on your table in a cardboard box

Bottle crates must be both sturdy and secure in order to be effective



Bottle crates must be both sturdy and secure in order to be effective.  We have cardboard and polystyrene boxes to protect your items from possible breakage.  Take a look at them all!



With the arrival of the colder weather, the days are becoming shorter, and the weekends are becoming longer than they have been.  Parties at home are enticing, especially when they are accompanied by a good bottle of wine.  Harvesting and harvesting of the grapes for later enjoyment begins in September and October for our enjoyment later in the year.
In light of the fragility of glass bottles, proper packaging is essential to ensure that the product is transported safely and that it does not become contaminated by possible atmospheric changes or breakage while en route.  In order to ensure shipments with the bottle flower boxes that we have available, you can begin doing so this month.
If you don't want your wine bottle shipments to suffer during transportation, we recommend that you pack them carefully in specially designed shipping boxes.
Because our cardboard bottle foldable boxes are self-assembly, you will not require adhesive tape to assemble them.  Also available are versions with a handle and separating windows, which allow you to keep an eye on and control any blows or problems that may occur during the packaging process.
Pallets with more than 500 units have the option of being customized with your logo or any other design you desire.  However, we can also accommodate your requirements because our boxes can be purchased in individual units, packs, or entire pallets.



If you require a packaging solution that is impact resistant, lightweight, and humidity resistant, polystyrene boxes for bottling will be your best friend in ensuring that your harvest makes it safely from the field to the table.

With our air chamber bottle mailer box, we have the most effective system for protecting and preventing breakage of your glass or wine bottles.  Continue reading to learn more!

Since the beginning of time, bottle boxes have been praised for their high capacity and durability.  These must avoid any breaks, dents, or other blows that could cause damage to the bottle that is being packaged.  We recognized this need and designed a shipping box with dividers exclusively for glass bottles to meet their needs.  Because of it, the task of shipping bottles of wine and cava that wineries, restaurants, and gourmet food stores are burdened with will be made less difficult.

Separators with an air chamber
What makes these bottle custom foldable box so much more durable than the others? It's a piece of cake.  Since the bottles are individually packaged with interior dividers, the bottles are completely protected from any potential blows that they may receive during transportation.  The tabs on the separators of these bottles boxes create an air chamber between the outer box and the inner partition, which increases the durability and resistance of the packaged item; in this case, the glass bottles it transports.

Shipping box that is personalized and safe
Bottles of wine from your vineyard, supermarket, or gourmet shop can be sent in this manner. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Without knowing whether or not the shipping custom tube box will be sufficient and whether or not it will last the entire trip to its destination, the package is shipped.
The flange system creates air chambers in the bottle boxes, which are then separated from one another by cardboard sheets as a result of the flange system.  As a result, they are prevented from coming into contact with them, thereby protecting them from the various blows that the outer box may receive.  You will be able to ship wine and cava without having to worry about the shipments in this manner.
The printing of the FRAGILE symbol on the bottles' boxes also serves to alert transport companies to the fragile nature of the product inside.  Because of the cup on the outside of the box, it is easy to understand the significance of properly packaging and transporting the product.

What method is used to ship the package?
It is anticipated that the outer cardboard box will arrive strapped with three self-assembly plates into which the glass bottle will be inserted.  The following are the characteristics of this new bottle shipping box:
Quality of the carton:T8 SQ T8 is a single channel T8 SQ T8.  High-quality materials are used.
A special compound that aids in the transportation of refrigerated goods.
340x140x415mm (interior 332x132x400mm) Dimensions: 340x140x415mmBottles must be 90-91mm in diameter and 340mm in height, with a 340mm maximum height.
The boxes are brown with Fragile printing on them, and the arrows on the boxes indicate where they should be placed.
The nestable tabs on the bottle boxes make for a very simple self-assembly system for the bottles.
There are 15 folded units in total.  They are available in 600 different configurations.