Brewster's arrival is celebrated with a dancing video created by an Animal Crossing player

To mark the impending arrival of Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, an enthusiastic fan created a dance video to celebrate the occasion



To mark the impending arrival of Brewster in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, an enthusiastic fan created a dance video to celebrate the occasion. Brewster is a Pigeon who first appears in animal crossing bells for sale: Wild World for the Nintendo DS, where he owns The Roost café, where he serves coffee to players for the price of 200 bells.



The coffee-brewing Pigeon has appeared in every Animal Crossing game since Brewster's first visit to Wild World, and his café has either taken up residence in the museum or operated as a stand-alone establishment. The café would be frequented by special non-villain characters such as Slider, and players would have the option to work behind the counter as a barista.

User Wilbos_World on Reddit posted a video showing off their amazing in-game dance that they had created in anticipation of Brewster's arrival. The character created by the Redditor takes the dance a step further, standing up on the couch and spinning to the beat before bringing the routine to the Museum of Natural History. Continuing their celebration on the steps of the museum, Wilbos_World continued to express their joy before finishing the dance in front of the café's new entrance, which will be added soon.

To express their excitement for the upcoming Brewster expansion, one Animal Crossing Bells fan decided to create an animated video with their villagers, which they then posted on YouTube. The season brings with it not only all of the visual changes associated with autumn time, with island trees gradually changing their color as the months progress, but also a variety of season-specific activities spread throughout the fall to give players something new to look forward to as the months progress as well.

In October, pumpkin starts will be available for purchase from Leif, as well as through the cabinet in Nook's Cranny. Their colors develop into four different shades: orange, yellow, white, and green as they mature. It is possible to make an island look more in tune with the season by planting pumpkins in a patch and sprucing up the area with fencing and other decorations, and the pumpkins themselves can be used in certain DIY recipes.

The teaser revealed that The Roost, which would be located on the upper floor of the building and would be open 24 hours a day, would be an addition to New Horizons' museum's facilities. The Roost would be open to the public on a daily basis. Additionally, Nintendo announced an Animal Crossing direct broadcast, which will air sometime during October and provide more information on the upcoming content scheduled to arrive in New Horizons in November, in addition to the teaser video.

In light of how long free ACNH bells fans have been waiting for the update, Wilbos_World's imaginative dance video is unquestionably an excellent way to commemorate Brewster's impending arrival. Even though players will have to wait a little longer until The Roost is released in November, they will have the October seasonal events in Animal Crossing to keep them occupied in the meantime, which include Day of the Dead and the Halloween event.