Metal Corner Brackets

Looking for metal corner brackets for furniture? Metal corner brace, you can use this corner brace frame to fix your pictures in a corner. Used to repair or replace damaged or damaged metals corner brackets for furniture. This decorative metal corner brackets for luggage box is made from a

All right well here's is Metal Corner Bracket and it you know what this has been a very practical versatile bench for me for many years it holds my miter saw I have a miter saw station here it has a great lower shelf where I can put other tools I have my portable table saw here this is just a great versatile bench but the problem is this holds all these tools I actually need a working surface so that's why we're going to build another bench that's an exact replica of this bench here and what makes this thing work are these little brackets here now they come in a box and it's very simple they come in 16 into a box and you only need 8 per bench and you can see here this is all made out of two by fours and these simple brackets that disattach to the end of the boards and this is a very sturdy sturdy versatile bench now.

I did want to show you a couple of things we need to make a cut here on one of my legs this is a leg support here this is about 35 inches tall and I want to show you how you make that cut I'm going to use this simple speed square here I'm going to place it here and then I'm going to use my cordless circular saw I don't know what we did without these before it's kind of like cell phones these are just super now I've already made my line here and I'm going to take this speed square I'm going to set it so my saw is on the line and then I'm going to just push my saw through and this will give me a nice straight cut so put on your safety glasses like so and let's make our first cut and that's how you do that what's great about the speed square it just gives you a nice straight cut so everything will be nice and level now the next thing.

I want to do is I want to attach my first bracket to the top here and what you do is you slide it down like so and I've already measured down about 3/4 of an inch because this is going to be the top this leg here is going to be for the top section I want to leave a little room so that when I put my top platform on this will give me a little bit of a space so that it doesn't run into the bracket now the next thing you want to do is you want to just screw it in with the screws that they provide you these come in actual kit so you don't have to run out and buy extra screws just set it in make sure it's on your line nice and straight and drive it in like so now I'm going to just put a couple of screws in for demonstration purposes you would want to fill in all the slots so that your legs are nice and sturdy just like so all right I'm going to take this clamp off let's move down here I'm going to start attaching this to the rest of the bench okay as you can see this makes up the leg now we need to put the side pieces in.

I've already pre-cut Metal Corner Bracket two by fours I'm just going to set this in position like so you have to kind of play with it a little bit there you go slide that in in grab a screw here attach this leg do just a couple here this is like a big erector set just like so grab my other side piece here just slip it in make sure you adjust it now you want to check sometimes you know because of the brackets are bent a little bit you do have to hold them up into place let me get a screw into this leg like so and then I grab another screw and I'll pull this up you see how this kind of came out of level that's because the brackets get bent so you just kind of push it up you want to make sure that your 2x4 is are level so that when you put your platform down your bench will be nice and square and level so just drive this screw in perfect do one over at this end again I got to lift up my 2x4 so that it's level drive that in and we're all set now we want to place in our length pieces here these are our side pieces these are going to hold the table top I've already pre-cut.