Recommended insurance Policies for your Candle making Business

They mainly depend on the activities you do with your business.

They mainly depend on the activities you do with your business.


To complete your social status, the following insurances are recommended:


  • A private supplementary pension
  • Guaranteed insurance income
  • Small risks insurance with the health insurance fund
  • Hospital insurance


In addition, the following products are recommended for Candle Company Insurance:


Fire insurance

If you have a commercial space, it is preferable to take out a fire policy. It not only insures the building, but also its contents against fire. Damage caused by storm, hail, water and snow, attacks and broken ice are also insured. In addition, within the framework of fire insurance, you can also insure other risks: theft, commercial losses (see below) and civil liability of the building (damage caused to third parties by elevators, aerials, masts, etc.).


You can abolish this principle of proportionality by filling in an estimation grid when you take out the policy. This grid allows the company to calculate the value of the new construction of the building. If completed correctly, you will always be fully refunded.


Tip: Choose fire insurance that suits your needs


Make sure you have sufficient insurance up front and have a suitable fire policy for growing content at regular intervals. Do the same for renovation or new construction.


Commercial Damage Insurance

A lightning strike, a fire, a serious malfunction of the jammers, a violent thunderstorm, you may no longer be able to work, which reduces your turnover.


Machine breakage insurance

If you are working with advanced or expensive machinery, insurance can be useful. If there is a defect in these machines, the insurance will reimburse the repair costs.


The All Risks insurance policy

You may no longer be able to imagine running a business without a computer. In the computer, customers files are kept up to date, invoicing and bookkeeping are done by means of specialized software, even the production process is usually completely controlled by computer.

You can insure yourself against damage to electronic equipment, such as computers, caused by external circumstances (power failure, clumsiness or malicious intent on the part of staff) through “all risks” insurance. You can cover not only the repair costs, but also the costs of rebuilding files and the costs of replacing devices, for example.


Liability risks

Everyone is responsible for their actions. This is the case with the individual who breaks their neighbor's mailbox and, of course, with the self-employed who drops the expensive laptop to fix their client's house.

The principle is simple. Anyone who commits a fault and, therefore, causes damage to someone else is liable and must repair the damage. The damage can be physical, material or immaterial. This also includes moral damage.

As a self-employed person, you are often responsible not only for your own actions, but also for those of your employees. The damage can be high and therefore it is advisable to take out good insurance. What's on the market?