Being a member of PSG in FIFA 22 is considered cheating

PSG is used by every third person you play against online in FIFA 22 Coins

PSG is used by every third person you play against online in FIFA 22 Coins. It's starting to feel a little stale. The reasons are self-evident - Neymar and Mbappe - but there are few things in life that are as boring as FIFA players who support Paris Saint-Germain. That is why I am declaring it now: being a member of PSG in FIFA 22 is considered cheating.

Being a member of PSG in FIFA 22 is considered cheating

In FIFA 21, Paris Saint-Germain may very well be the best team in the world. FIFA places a strong emphasis on attacking speed, and Neymar and Mbappe, as well as Icardi in the middle of the field, are perfectly positioned to carry out that strategy. They are not, however, without flaws. The midfield is solid but not spectacular, which is especially true given that Veratti isn't particularly well suited to FIFA. Di Maria brings some dribbling ability to the table, but the front line is unquestionably the most important. It's the same story on the defensive end. Navas is a solid performer between the sticks, and while there is no obvious weak link in the defense, there is also no man mountain either.

For the record, I prefer to play as England, Liverpool, Dortmund, or Chelsea when I play video games. Because playing as Newcastle will almost always result in you being paired with Manchester City, you really don't have a choice but to be a top-tier team. But I just can't bring myself to be a part of PSG. Even France appears to be a long way away. PSG, on the other hand, is transitioning from being an annoying cheese team to a team that is outright cheating in FIFA 22 Münzen.

The fruits of this window will be seen on the field for Paris Saint-Germain - they could blossom into a Champions League trophy, or they could turn bitter and sour in a very short period of time. PSG, on the other hand, have become monsters in FIFA 22, thanks to the game's stats, which are based on players performing at their normal levels and are still unable to account for the unique unpredictability that elite football brings. It appears that someone in the boardroom is preoccupied with FIFA's Career Mode during their transfer window. PSG have appointed Gianluigi Donnarumma to replace Keylor Navas in goal, while Sergio Ramos joins the club to provide the man mountain figure the club has been missing in the backline since Thiago Silva left for Chelsea. Hakimi also brings a burst of speed and attacking intent to the back four. Midfielder Gini Wijnaldum comes in as a strong, quick box-to-box technician who can dribble, pick a pass, and shoot from distance - in other words, he's the perfect FIFA player. Do you want to be upfront about it? They've signed an Argentinian bloke who's rumored to be quite good as well as being cheap. I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Leo Messi before.