Never Believe These 5 Misconceptions About Customized Pie Boxes

There are various designs of pie boxes. They help to ensure the safety of pies and deliver them safely in the hands of consumers. They can present them decently.

Different companies require packaging for delivering their products safely to their customers. Food packaging is more important because it maintains the quality of food items. We must know that pie boxes have to protect pies from different threats during handling and shipping. Following are some misconceptions about these boxes that you shouldn’t believe.

Inefficient protection

Custom boxes provide the desired protection. Everyone knows that the primary purpose of boxes is to protect the product. Similarly, boxes for pies come with custom features to ensure their protection. There is a myth that they don’t protect them from different threats. You must not believe it. You must know that pies are vulnerable to damage due to bumps and jerks. Dust particles can also spoil their quality. Exposure to water, chemicals, or moisture can also spoil their taste. Moreover, germs can enter the box and decompose them. You must know that cardboard boxes can protect you from all of these factors. They come with durable materials that can resist bumps and jerks. They are also waterproof and prevent pies from effects due to exposure to water. They possess airtight lids and help to prevent the entry of germs.

Type of material doesn’t matter

There are various kinds of materials for the production of custom pie boxes. They may be plastics, polymers, or paper stock. The type of material matters a lot. This is a common myth that all materials are alike and there is no effect of changing materials. You should know that the materials are very important. Consider some important points while selecting materials. You have to see whether the material is safe for food items or not. You have to consider the after-effects and impact of materials on the environment. You have to consider if it can provide desired protection or not. Also, consider its cost and availability. You have to use economical, eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable materials. They should provide the desired protection. They shouldn’t be toxic for pies. 

Biodegradable inks aren’t essential 

We know that all the boxes come with printed content. They have to interact with the audience. They may contain graphics, images, textual content, or drawings. You may need inks for printing them by using the latest printing technologies. Printed pie boxes help to communicate with customers. They let them know about the ingredients of pies. They can also help to increase the fascination with the box. Printers use inks. There are different types of inks. Normally inks contain oils and pigments. Pigments give colors. You should know that pigment contains heavy metals. Such inks leave heavy metals and oils after their degradation. They pollute the environment. They may be toxic for pies and people eating them. This is a myth that biodegradable inks have no effect. These inks can help to avoid various hazards.  

No benefit of customized graphics

You may know that different boxes come with different kinds of graphics. Do you know the importance of graphics? You should know why they are important. They can increase the beauty of custom packagingMost product boxes come with relevant graphical content and images. They help to interact with target customers. People can get an idea about the product present inside the box. There is a myth that customized graphics do not influence the purchase habits of people. You must not believe it because they are very important. They let the audience know what you have packaged. They can enhance catchiness and attract the audience. Without printing custom graphics, you can’t grasp the attention of target customers. Hence, you must know that customized graphics can attract target customers. They can help to boost sales by interacting with potential customers. 

Pie packaging adds to waste

Environmental problems have increased due to packaging waste. There are various kinds of packaging materials that add to waste. It is a misconception that pie packaging adds to waste. Do you believe this? There is no truth in this because the packaging for pies is eco-friendly. It is composed of green materials. Most companies stay in legal compliance and try to use biodegradable materials. Their manufacturing materials are cardboard, kraft, cardstock, and bux board. They don’t create waste and decompose to simpler end products after a particular time. They help to reduce environmental waste. Hence, you shouldn’t believe this myth. 

We have described 5 myths about pie boxes. You must know that the selection of materials and printing inks matters a lot. You have to consider their after-effects and make decisions wisely. The manufacturing materials for these boxes aren’t harmful to the ecosystem. Their printing inks are also non-toxic. Hence, they can help to deliver pies safely to customers.