How To Dress Kilts in events

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It's easy to wear the USA kilt in a magazine and think that he looks polished only because he has a boatload of money to spend on clothes. But I'm here to argue that this is not the case. There are two types of male celebrities: those who have style and those who simply don't. And really, income doesn't seem to have much to do with it. Some well-dressed, stylish celebrities prefer a casual look, while others prefer a more formal one. But what they all have in common is that their outfits are well-tailored and fit their shape and personality well.

Let's look at Johnny Depp, for example, who is one of the best dressed male celebrities. His trademark style is defined by lots of accessories, such as necklaces, sunglasses, bracelets, glasses, silver rings, hats, and scarves. The pieces of his outfits often contrast each other, such as the pairing of a tuxedo jacket with a tattered pair of jeans. He is perhaps one of the only male celebrities out there who can pull this off. You can imitate his look by layering a perfectly tailored blazer over a pair of distressed jeans and a shirt with French cuffs. Leave the first few buttons of your shirt undone, and accessorize thoroughly. He has a sort of "rough but stylish" appearance, so throw away your comb, and warn your girlfriend if you intend to go for more than 3 days without washing your hair.

Conversely, George Clooney takes a more formal approach to style. He reminds us that while trends come and go, the classic approach is always fashionable. George attends awards shows and premiere events in a perfectly tailored tuxedo, or a sharp black suit with a crisp white button-down shirt. His tie styles are always sophisticated, such as a classic black bowtie, or a true blue tie with a khaki suit. His outfits do not contain a lot of color or accessories, but because of this, his appearance is timeless. He could step back in time into nearly any decade and look appropriate. To dress like George Clooney, the classic black tuxedo is the only way to go; tailored to you and not a baggy rented one with the crotch near your knees, of course.

For those who wish to dress USA kilts with a bit more of an edge, Justin Timberlake is a style icon. This is a celebrity who, in recent years, has defined his style (we're not talking about the cheesy boy-band days). An art that Justin has mastered is that of layering without looking bulky. To emulate Justin's style, try layering a white button-down shirt with a skinny black tie, a gray argyle vest, and a black leather jacket. Mind you, all of the pieces must be slim fitting to avoid looking heavy. Justin also has popularized the European/Italian cut suit, which is slimmer fitting through the shoulders, arms, and legs than an American suit traditionally is. If you have an athletic build, Justin's style is a great one for you to copy.

A celebrity who has achieved the perfect balance between classic and trendy style is Kanye West. Kanye's outfits often include somewhat bold, unexpected colors, such as a fuchsia sweater layered over a light blue button-down shirt. He also often wears one single large chain necklace and is rarely without sunglasses. Kanye is undisputedly a bold celebrity, and the bright colors of his outfits reflect this. To copy his style, you'll need a dose of confidence and a few perfectly un-scuffed pairs of Nike Airs. Also, don't be afraid to mix patterns. You can loop a plaid scarf around your neck even if you are wearing a plaid shirt of a different color.