Rocket League strategies and tactics to help you become a top goalscorer in the game

Are you looking for Rocket League strategies and tactics? Rocket League is unlike any other action-sport game on the market because of the high level of mechanical precision required.

Are you looking for Rocket League strategies and tactics? Rocket League is unlike any other action-sport game on the market because of the high level of mechanical precision required.  When it comes to sports, there are a variety of Rocket League techniques​ that have been developed to help you hit harder, move faster, and win more games.  Since the game went free-to-play, the player base has exploded, recently surpassing one million concurrent players – and as the game's player base continues to grow, we can expect even greater interest in Rocket League's thriving competitive scene to emerge.  There has never been a better time to start honing your Rocket League skills – who knows, you might be the next player to put on a show in one of the community tournaments, or even make the jump to the professional ranks.

You can use these Rocket League tips and techniques to take your game to the next level and help you climb the leaderboards in everyone's favorite carball simulator.  If you want to be on top of the leaderboard, here are nine of the most simple to learn Rocket League tips and techniques.  It should be noted, however, that, despite the fact that these techniques are relatively simple to master, this is a high-level guide intended for experienced players only.

The camera settings in Rocket League are extremely important and allow for a lot of customization.  Your ability to become a better player is determined by how well you understand your position in relation to the ball, the walls, the floor, your opponents, and even the ceiling.  Experiment with the various options available to see what works best for your situation.
In order to hit the exact point on the ball that you are looking for, reduce the distance between your camera and the ball so that the ball is larger on your screen by the time you hit it (see Figure 1).  Reduce your stiffness if your car appears to be moving around on the screen too much.  Looking for more when you flick your right stick? Look no further.  Increase the speed at which you swivel.  There are a plethora of wikis, fan sites, and other resources available to help you find your favorite player's settings and experiment with them to see which one works best for you.

Rocket League has a plethora of controls, some of which aren't even bound to the controller to begin with, such as the air roll left and air roll right buttons on the controller.  Make these modifications so that you can be more efficient in getting your car to go where you want it to.  Although you can jump faster in almost all situations if you use the default controller configuration, switching your boost to a different button that allows you to trigger it with a different finger than the one you use to jump will make you jump faster in almost all situations as well.
You should also find a convenient location for the ‘air roll left’ or ‘air roll right’ commands, as doing so unlocks the ability to perform the extremely frightening – and nearly impossible to achieve consistently – tornado flick.  That move is so advanced that it isn't even covered in this guide. . . Having that degree of maneuverability, on the other hand, will enable you to complete the next move on our list of suggestions.

The half-flip is an extremely effective recovery move.  Ideally, in Rocket League, you want your boost to always be pointing in the direction in which you are currently traveling.  Although it is not always possible, the half-flip allows you to quickly turn around if you find yourself facing the wrong way.
This move takes advantage of a unique mechanic known as flip cancelling to achieve its effect.  When you dodge forwards or backwards, you can hold your analogue stick in the opposite direction of the flip to undo the flip completely.  As a result, if you hold forward at the exact moment you complete a backflip, you will be facing the opposite direction and will be able to propel yourself forward.  There is only one problem: your wheels are now pointing upwards, which means you must immediately use air roll right/left to rotate your wheels the correct way up, otherwise you will be forced to make an awkward controller fidget.

Make use of every available surface, including the goal roof.
In carball, recovery is essential.  You must be able to get into position as quickly as possible in any situation, such as crashing into the back of one of the goals while flying into the other.  It's common for players to find the quickest route back out of the penalty area and back into play by bursting through the bottom of their own net and up the back wall, then landing on top of the goal.
You'll actually have a large window to dodge once you fly out the front (upside-down, of course), which will allow you to dodge in the direction that you need to go to get back into position if you maintain your momentum.  Alternatively, you can jump off the roof and perform your normal dodge – this is advantageous because it allows you to reach the ground more quickly because the jump sends you crashing to the ground.

Maintaining a defensive rotation through the back post will help you avoid flailing into your own net.  This provides you with a number of benefits.  In order to get to the post, you most likely picked up your corner boost or farmed about 36 boost from the pads as you curved into position next to it.  First and foremost, because there is no other way to get there than through your corner, you will have a clear view of the offensive play that your opponents are putting together as it develops.  Third, you now have the ability to boost to any point on the goal, making it much more difficult for opponents to get the ball past you.  Lastly, by rotating in such a predictable manner, it is simple for your team mates to fall in behind you as you take on the challenge, and it allows your team to cycle through the goalkeeper position very efficiently.

If you're in the last car back on your team, you're the last line of defense for your team's ultimate goal.  As tempting as it may be to attempt to fly across the entire pitch in an attempt to score an epic aerial goal, try to hold off on committing until you are certain that you are beating the other team to the ball and that your teammates in front of you are not attempting to score as well.  Double or triple committing is one of the most common mistakes that newer players make, so be patient in order to avoid booing bumpers, even if your teammates do not reciprocate.