Know about IDO Token Launchpad

IDO token launchpad is a customizable pre-built token marketplace where the users can directly launch their Initial DEX offering very easily.

If a user wants to launch an IDO, then he needs to undergo certain validation to verify the legitimacy of the user. The IDO token launchpad allows you to directly launch tokens for your IDO, which is completely decentralized and within feasibility cost.


Benefits of IDO token launchpad


    Quick token allocation

            The IDO token launchpad will help you in building an instant token allocation which helps you to offer your investors token is very soon than the traditional methods.


    `KYC Compliance

            Know your customer is a very effective way to get to know the user before the owner of the ICO lets him use the platform.


    Integrated Wallet

            The IDO launch pad has an inbuilt wallet to serve instantly and to offer immediate liquidity to the users.