Payers can turn these waterlogged boots into wearable ACNH items

You will need to unlock the recipe for Recycled Boots before you can start working on your new pair of boots

You will need to unlock the recipe for Recycled Boots before you can start working on your new pair of boots. By conversing with Tom Nook, players will be able to learn new recipes. Nook will instruct the player on how to craft a Fishing Pole, which will then allow the player to access the Recipe Book on his or her Nook Phone. Once the book is unlocked, players will be able to freely learn new recipes to use in their crafting endeavors.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a video game developed by Nintendo. New Horizons has made numerous improvements to the overall quality of life in the franchise, and one of these is the addition of crafting. Players now have the option to craft tools rather than purchasing them outright, and they can even craft furniture, structures, and even clothing with their creations. When players first start out, one of the first things they learn to make is a fishing pole, which gives them the ability to catch fish and other sea creatures.

While fishing is a popular Animal Crossing activity, it does have its ups and downs. Among these setbacks is catching boots. The worst thing a player could catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a pair of boots up until that point. Nobody would buy them for more than a few bells ACNH, recycling them would yield nothing for the player, and a museum wouldn't touch them with a ten-foot pole. Payers can turn these waterlogged boots into wearable items through New Horizons, which gives them a new lease on life.

Once the player has learned the recipes, all that is required of them is to construct a fishing pole out of 5 pieces of wood and then head to the beach (or river/pond). Players will have the opportunity to catch a boot while fishing. Upon catching one, a dialogue box will appear explaining that your character has come up with an innovative way to make Recycled Boots.


Recycled Boots are a wearable item that, unlike custom designs, requires inventory space. They can be displayed alongside other clothing items and can even take the place of the shoe slot in the character clothing sub-menu. When selling items for bells, it is also possible to sell recycled boots for a higher bells animal crossing price than a single boot.

With the recipe in hand, you should be able to get started on your new pair of boots. The recipe necessitates the use of two boots, one for each foot, as is obvious. While this appears to be a simple task, catching a second book may prove to be more difficult due to the fact that the fishing rod you will most likely be using is a Flimsy Fishing Rod that will break after a few uses.

When fishing, aim for medium-sized fish because they appear to be more likely to be boots. This is also an excellent way to add to your collection of fauna at the museum. You should proceed to the town square after catching your second boot, where you should use the DIY crafting bench to create your new pair of Recycled Boots.