In-game NBA 2K21 badges can be applied to a player's build

With Corner Specialist, a player's chances of scoring a goal on their shot attempt are increased

With Corner Specialist, a player's chances of scoring a goal on their shot attempt are increased. Corner Specialist is a Shooting Badge that can be obtained by earning it. Activation of this Badge occurs when the player shoots from the corners, whether from 3-point range or from a mid-range distance. Small Forwards can find open threes in the corners, which makes them one of the most effective spots in the game. While the big men will typically be found in the paint, the wings will frequently find themselves in open space on the weak-side corners as defenses shift their attention to the ball handler. Using Corner Specialist, players can also drive and pull up from mid-range while still gaining the benefits of the NBA MT.

When a player earns the Shooting Badge "Catch and Shoot," their ability to score on jump shots is significantly improved. This Badge will activate when you shoot immediately after catching the ball off a pass in the attacking zone. Among the two wings on the team, small forwards will be expected to spread the floor by spotting up for 3-point attempts. Shooting Guards will be tasked with finding openings off the ball and being ready to shoot after catching the ball. This Badge will result in a noticeable improvement and will assist players in becoming a serious threat to score from beyond the arc.

A nearby defender will contest the player's shot, and this Badge will activate. In most cases, small forwards are not the most talented scorers on their teams. As a result, it is critical that they capitalize on any and all opportunities that come their way. When playing Deadeye on Hall of Fame, players can take shots in the face of all but the tightest of defenses, and they can make close-outs from the opposing team seem like a non-issue.

While tightly guarding the ball handler, this Badge will activate. When trying to bring down a difficult opponent, this Badge makes a significant difference. The proximity of the paint in a zone defense causes small forwards to switch and assist on defense quite a bit. Clamps can aid in keeping up with a sly defender or slowing down a charging big man on the offensive.

Any time a player contests an opponent's shot, this Badge will be activated. While it is preferable for a player to have two hands in the face of an opposing shooter, those who choose this Badge will be able to have a significant impact on a shot simply by being in close proximity to it, according to the description. Also given a significant boost are closeouts and contests from behind and to the sides, both of which have a significant impact. It is also common for Small Forwards to be in a position to collapse into the paint and help defend opponents' offensive dribble drives.

When attempting to block a shot, this Badge will be triggered. 2K MT is required for Small Forwards who wish to provide additional interior defense. Getting a hand up on some opposing bigs' plays will not be enough to stop them completely. Take a look at Rim Protector if you want to avoid getting dunked on and be the final brick in a strong wall of team defense.

When the player attempts to steal or tip a pass, the Badge will be activated. More than any other position on the field, small forwards are primed for interception opportunities. Not only can they get a hand on passes into the middle lane, but they can also practically close off opponents who are positioned in the weak-side corners of the court. In addition to providing predictable passing lanes to cover, Interceptor will significantly increase the number of passes that are intercepted by the defense.

Any time a player attempts to navigate through a pick, this Badge will be activated. When it comes to basketball, screens are a classic method of creating space. Player displacement from their intended position can occur as a result of even minor screen contact in NBA 2K21, which can result in a crucial two or three seconds of lost time. When playing defense, this Badge will allow players to slide around screens much more easily, allowing them to remain in front of their man.

Whenever a player attempts to steal the ball from an opposing team's ball handler, the player's Badge will be active. Thieves can be unreliable when stealing the ball in 2K21 because the ball may no-clip through their grasp on occasion. The ability to strip the ball without having perfect position and timing is not always sufficient. Pick Pocket will significantly increase the likelihood of a steal attempt being successful, allowing Small Forwards to become a formidable deterrent to dribble-happy ball handlers.

This Badge will be activated whenever the player attempts to grab a rebound that is out of reach, resulting in faster and more accurate animations than before. On either end of the court, Small Forwards are frequently the third man in a battle for a rebound, and because they are typically farther away from the paint than Centers and Power Forwards, they will benefit from the ability to quickly chase down long rebounds.


As part of the MyPlayer feature in the massively popular NBA 2K21 video game, gamers are able to design and customize their own basketball star. In-game badges can be applied to a player's build, and they will boost certain abilities when used in specific scenarios. While players are free to choose any Badge they want, some will be more useful than others depending on the position they are in when they are wearing them. They'll likely want Badges that allow them to space the floor from deep and be the most versatile defender on the court for their Small Forward positions.