How to pass CIPD level 3 the easy way

Passing CIPD level 3 may seem like a big challenge, but it is not so as there is clear guidelines on how to finish it successfully.

Completing CIPD level 3 successfully  does not take a rocket scientist. So don't beat yourself up about it and pay attention to basic writing skills.

CIPD Level 3 is also known as Foundation Level because it gives candidates with little or limited HR experience a strong background in HR and LD. In terms of difficulty, it is similar to an A-level.

You can pick the Learning and Development road or the human resources path (or a mixture of the two).

To become an Associate Member of the CIPD, you will have to qualify with a Certificate or Diploma.

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Get ready to focus on essay/assignment writing 

This one skill, essay or assignment writing, will decide your fate. 

Read through the assignment brief and questions carefully. You should be able to read about the given topic, analyse what you've read, and develop a coherent argument. In addition, you will be required to provide insights and make findings relevant to the topic in addition to connecting the dots between concepts and practises.

Follow these three basic steps to complete your assignment:

  1. Plan your essay
  2. Just start writing 
  3. Present your essay

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Start early on

My best study tip is to get started on the assignment early - I would create a mind map of everything that might be pertinent to the answer, so I wasn't staring at a blank piece of paper or computer screen. I would add items to my mental map whenever I had an idea and gradually build it up. Then I'd sit down and structure my response around the most salient points from my thought map, and then write it out.

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If you took notes and did your work online last year like I did, then there's a chance your semesters will be different, but you should set aside at least one hour a night while your kids are in bed (if you are a mom), which will help you stay focused and avoid leaving your projects until the last minute. When I conducted my project, I was running my firm as well as covering the jobs of HR in three other sister companies as well as the office manager and PA at my company, therefore I was not granted any time off from work in order to finish the project. This presented a great deal of challenges for me.


Don't dread CIPD jargons

Your assessment is that you're intimidated by the terminology right now. To be completely honest, this course isn't all that simple like an NVQ, but it is still valuable, and with tools such as CIPD and ACAS, you have every scrap of knowledge at your fingertips, so don't fret if you feel overwhelmed because the work will get progressively easier with time.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know. Good luck with your course! Prayer dua for exam