Personalization of the Custom Cigarette Packaging as Per your demand

Custom-tailored cigarette boxes are manufactured at Rush Packaging at affordable prices. Exquisitely printed boxes are made from eco-friendly material and are shipped freely.

Custom Cigarette Boxes in elegant styles

The use of nicotine in our lives has been increasing due to its sympathetic effects and improves vigilance. The smoking causes short-lived effects and make their users addictive. The Blank Cigarette Boxes addicts demand sophisticated packaging. The outdated way of supplying cigarettes was without packaging and that was very inconvenient for the customers. Plastic wrappings were very unsafe and led to the damage of the cigarettes during transportation. Custom Cigarette Boxes were introduced for the safe and reliable packaging of cigarettes. upgraded packaging helps a brand grow its business as the audience is well aware of the better-packaged options.

Blank Cigarette Boxes with perfect packaging

Blank Cigarette Boxes are prepared at Rush Packaging that can have labels on them or are used as a universal packaging option. The shape and size of the packaging box are variable and can be transformed as per the requirement of the brand. Labeled boxes can be obtained by putting labels or accessories on a blank plain box. Funky or motivational quotes can be put on the labels or the box for attracting more audiences. We also offer printed boxes if desired by the client. The boxes can be printed in mono-color, PMS, or CMYK printing options. Printing of the box is managed by the correct use of color combination and descriptive text along with the transparency of the brand in terms of side effects. The Cigarette Boxes can have various geometric patterns or drawings on them. The printing demands can be communicated to the experts by the customer sales representatives. The printing is protected from smudging by AQ coating and UV spot treatment cures the graphics for a more realistic texture. The logo of the brand or the names or the initials can be made prominent from the rest of the text with the help of raised ink, embossing, or debossing. The ultimate outlook of the box can be kept glossy or matte depending upon the lamination finish used.

Wholesale rates for Custom Blank Cigarette Boxes

Custom Blank Cigarette Boxes manufactured at our company are provided at competitive rates. Taking into account that affordability is the chief factor in the fate of sales, we facilitate our clients with huge discounts and deals. On bulk buying Cigarette Boxes, we further reduce the already feasible rates. Wholesale buying is promoted not only because of the discounted prices but due to the facility of conserving the handling and management time. Print designing is done efficiently and leads to profit for both the manufacturers as well as the buyer.

Custom Paper Cigarette box in eco-friendly material

Custom Paper Cigarette Boxes are made from organic sources such as softwood and are eco-friendly. These boxes are lighter in weight and can be folded into various styles and forms. The use of such boxes is very convenient and can be thrown away and does not require complex recycling. After being thrown the boxes replenishes the nutrients of the earth and play their chief part in the sustainability of the ecosystem. The conversion of Cigarette Boxes into loam is done by the simple action of bio-decomposers and takes years.

Attractive Custom Empty Cigarette Boxes in novel features

Custom Empty Cigarette Boxes can be designed in eye-catchy presentations for better marketing strategies. The box style can be picked by the client from front tuck double-layered, reverse tuck, auto-bottom, lid base type, sleeve, or clamshell box. Also, Rush packaging offers Bath Bombs Packaging Boxes with all the premium features to surprise your clients. Dimensions can vary according to the size of the cigarette and for multiple cigarettes in a box insert can be added. The box can be adorned with ribbons, stones, or stickers. Die-cut windows can be made on the box for the audience to have a look at the quality product packaged in them without opening the box.

Why choose Rush Packaging

We deliver premium quality Cigarettes Boxes with free shipping all over the world. No shipment charges allow the brand to save some extra money and let them burden free from the worrisome shipment task. The Retail Packaging boxes reach you in time with our fastest turnaround services and can be tracked through the customer representative services. The customers are being facilitated through the informative website and the client can get an online quotation. For further inquiries, the networking team is at their desks day and night.