Understanding the Importance of Security Doors

Are you aware of the importance of security doors for keeping your house safe during calamities and crisis and also what are their benefits? If not, then this article will guide you up-to an extent.

Are you aware of the importance of security doors for keeping your house safe during calamities and crisis and also what are their benefits? If not, then this article will guide you up-to an extent.

Types of Security Doors and their importance:

  • It is a well known fact that there are two types of security doors that are available in the market. These are the roller and the up and over types.
  • Roller typeshave been very popular as they are ideally known as flood protection doors, because they help in preventing heavy water and also for ensuring safety in the house. 

This type of door is made up of a metal tube that is fixed at both the top and bottom. The top is attached with the help of nuts while the bottom is fixed with the help of torsion springs. Roller types prevent heavy water from flooding the inside.

  • Rotor Shutter Doors: These types of doors are also very popular. They are very effective when it comes to preventing heavy water and protecting the rooms from being flooded. However, they need to be installed carefully to ensure safety of the rooms.

           These industrial doors consist of steel tubes that consist of hollow strips of rubber or plastic. These strips or plastics are fitted at both the top and the bottom of the door to prevent any leaks.

  • Security Screens:These are another type of safety doors. However, these are mostly installed outdoors for greater protection.

           They consist of a series of horizontal bars that run across the surface of the door. These bars are fitted in such a way that they prevent the door from being rotated. You can opt for either sliding security doors or screens.

How do they protect? 

  • Well, these types of security doors prevent intrusion through the space by screening dirt, dust, pollen, insects and even large insects that may enter through the space.
  • They are one of the most effective and economical forms of prevention and effective treatment of allergies as well.
  • The benefits of installing them are many, including better energy bills and protecting your home and family from potential harm. However, installation of all types of these types of doors involves a certain level of expertise.

Roller Shutter Systems: This is the most common type of door and one of the more commonly installed types of security doors. These are made up of two different types of spring systems that are fitted on either side of the door.

The first type of system is known as the torsion spring system, while the other uses an electric motor to roll up or down the roller. Both have excellent track records and offer high levels of efficiency and security when it comes to preventing forced entry into spaces.

The main benefits of using roller shutter systems is that they offer greater protection to spaces between the roller and the door frame. However, their operation is often complicated and can be very dangerous if not performed properly.

Roll Up Security Doors: This is a relatively new design in the door industry and has only recently been introduced onto the market. These are essentially plastic flaps which are rolled up over the top of the roll up panels.

Although they look like standard industrial doors they are actually much quieter due to the materials used in their construction.

They do not provide the same amount of security as roller shutters but can be very useful for those working in areas where noise is an issue.

Screens: These are often considered to be of the last type of security doors but they should not really be classified as such.

They are often used as screens over doors and windows and although not particularly secure, they do offer a degree of protection against intruders. The best quality screens are made using thick double layered polycarbonate and have excellent insulation properties.