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GoToBoxes never fails to provide the best quality customized Pencil Boxes in unique designs. Organic eloquent boxes are freely hipped all over the world.

Custom Pencil Boxes Wholesale

The pencils are the basic tool for writing and drawing. There are various types of pencils with different main ingredients such as variable graphite strength pencils for sketching. The lead and carbon pencils are most popular among kids and students of all ages. Professions like architecture and fine arts also require pencils. Initially in the market unpackaged pencils were available. With the advancement in packaging options, sophisticated boxes were introduced instead of plastic sheet wrapping or unpackaged pencils. The pencil boxes are made innovative in colorful prints to win the hearts of the audience. The Pencil Box is an elegant way of packaging your pencils. A pencil box is the style statement that becomes the first choice for the clients and every passing by. The product can be highlighted in the market with unique Pencil Boxes.

Pencil Packaging Boxes at GoToBoxes

The versatility of designs in pencil packaging is offered at GoToBoxes. The type of the box can be altered from the usual front tuck tray style or sleeve box to a lavishly designed lid and base type. The box can be made in different shapes as well like cylinders, pentagonal boxes. Modifications can be done to the box at any stage in terms of size and form. The box can present a few pencils or multiple pencils. Inserts can be added to the design to keep each pencil separate from the other. The box can be made into a gift box presentation with ribbons on it with stone embellishment. Die-cut windows incorporated in the design of the Custom Pencil Boxes make its presentation look ravishing.

What Things Make Pencil Boxes So Special

The special Pencil Box With Lock is improved in styling with prints and playful patterns. The plain boxes were seen to give a steady business to trademarks the printed boxes were very captivating. The box can be printed according to the targeted age and can be made in vibrant and elegant drawings and images. Printing is made safer for a long-lasting and smudge-free outlook with an AQ coating. We also offer UV spot treatment to add depth to the visual representation printed on the box. Print designing is done free of cost and by the professionals to distinguish each brand from the other. The ultimate finish of the Pencil Packaging box can be kept matte or glossy by the use of the respective lamination sheet. The glitter-raised ink, engraving, or embossing can be done for the logo of the brand to be highlighted among other text. The descriptive text can be written as per the requirement of the client with funky quotes or motivational text.

How Custom Pencil Packaging Added Value to Your Brand

The Pencil Packaging Boxes with lock is a modification that is facilitating the clients to enjoy a safe user experience. The user-friendly nature is enhanced by adding locks that prevent the pencils from dropping even with the box being opened. The brands are competing with each other in terms of marketing of the sales. The up-gradation of the boxes is becoming mandatory for the brands to own a separate highlighted place on the shelves. The sales are increasing with the use of custom-made Cardboard Pencil Boxes in attractive prints. The audience admires the sophisticated and graceful designs in elegant mono-color printing with silver or gold foiling. The boxes are made in tempting colors and styles to allure the clients.

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The Custom Pencil Packaging is assembled with eco-friendly boxes to save the environment from the hazardous effects of plastic and related packaging material. The material we use is

• Cardboard

• Boxboard

• Kraft

• Corrugated material

The material is durable yet very foldable and can be disposed of readily. The Cardboard Pencil Boxes Bulk do not just become trash instead replace the nutrients of the earth with the action of bacteria and other micro-organisms. The boxes are recycled through bio-degradation and do not emit toxic gases. We offer free shipping all over the world for reliable transfer. The Custom Boxes UK consignment can be tracked through the customer sales representative. The team works day and night to establish communication between the manufacturer and the client. For online accessibility, an informative website has been developed.