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Get your brand recognized with the ultimate safe and convenient custom packaging for French Fries at Orchard Packaging. The custom printed boxes are freely shipped.

Get attractive Custom French Fry box Packaging

The French fries are the most popular snack all over the world admired by all age groups. They are the favorite sides with so many main courses such as burgers, fish and chips, and many more. The combination of fries is relished by the young and adults equally. The French Fries are an easy takeaway snack. The earlier food stalls and brands used to package the fries in paper and plastic wrappings. The demand for a handier and better experience of takeaway food snacks is maintained by the excellent cardboard boxes. The French Fries boxes are making rousing differences in the market. The boxes are made with special care and allow a comfortable experience of snacks.

High standard Customized French Fries Packaging

The maintenance of the standard quality is made sure by our company as we manufacture food boxes. Food hygiene is the chief element to be taken care of. The boxes are approved by the Food and Drug Authority and promise a safe delivery of French fries. They do not let the entry of moisture in the French Fry Packaging Box and keep the French fries fresh and hot. They do not get soggy and retains their original form. The box is heat resistant and can be carried right away from the food trolleys. The boxes keep the French fries safe from dust and impurities. The boxes are the go-to-choice for all the brands as they offer maximum characteristics at a minimum price. The boxes are cheaper than the other competitive French Fry Packaging boxes. Other packaging trademarks are making the most of the opportunity that the custom boxes are in high demand and charge extra for each specification. The feasible price allows all the economic classes of fries manufacturers to package their fries in premium quality custom boxes.

High Quality Printed French Fries Boxes Wholesale

The printing is done on the French fry boxes in different extinguishing colors and patterns. The printing is secured with an AQ coating for a long-lasting effect. The French Fry Boxes Wholesale are prepared with the graphical team and are undergone the UV spot treatment for extra depth creation. The printing compromises the playfulness of colors and designs. The scrumptious fries can be printed on the box with potatoes or other visual representations. The box can have an ultimate matte or glossy outlook depending upon the lamination sheet. The Fry box can have a silver or gold foiling finish. The logo of the company is distinctively separated from the text with embossing and debossing. The text can be the food-related quotes or the ingredients written in various fonts and styles. Print designing is done free of cost for all worthy customers.

Excellent Custom Printed Cardboard French Fry Boxes

The custom-tailored French fry boxes are a source of increased sales as nobody likes to have fries in lousy packaging. The design and style can be modified as the preference of the brand. The French Fry box can have a separate place for ketchup holding. The box can be made in various types such as front tuck double-layered or auto bottom box. The Fries box with special features is the main cause of the surge in sales. The modifications can be done to make the box more appealing.

Eco-Friendly Material for the French Fries Boxes

The French Fry Boxes we deliver to the audience are made from eco-friendly material that is safe for the ecosystem. The plastic and other harmful material for packaging is being condemned and is being replaced with harmless material such as cardboard, boxboard, or Kraft. We offer a free shipping facility to all our valuable customers without any order limitation. The shipment is a worrisome process that is a lot for the brand to tackle along with the selection of design and modifications. The shipment is safe and reliable and reaches you anywhere in the world efficiently. The Custom Boxes Wholesale is user-friendly and can be discarded easily. They become a source of nutrients for the earth and are converted into clay and loam. The tracking of the consignment is made possible through a networking team that works day and night to assist the customer. The discounts and negotiations are also done through the customer sales representative team and the customer is satisfied with excellent services.