Creating Edibles: Cannabutter V. Extracts


Many people who frequent a dispensary or take medical cannabis for a condition or ailment understand that there are a wide range of strains available for a combination of benefits. 

However, when you are interested in edibles or the cannabis oil to create your own, there is a whole new world of terminology. When shopping for edibles, you will hear and read words like extract, distillate, and full flower on their labels. Not only do different edibles potentially have different effects, but there is also the question of potency.


When you are headed to the cannabis dispensary to learn more about edibles, you will come across cannabutter and extracts. Cannabutter is butter or oil infused with cannabis, and can be made with flower or extract. Cannabutter can be used in the creation of baked edibles. Extracts, then, are refined distillations of cannabinoids created in a lab environment with heat or naturally-occurring chemicals. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that does not contain THC - so, a cannabidoil created in a lab is not as shady as it seems. 


Cannabutter can be full-spectrum, or full-flower, and typically contains THC and CBD. There may be a range of effects depending on the strain and variety, and cooking with cannabutter offers these effects into your preferred edibles. However, when extracts are used in place of cannabutter, there is more control and uniformity in the substance and, in turn, the edibles. There will be a more one-dimensional effect, but when you need more control from your edibles, extracts are the way to go.


Cannabutter is said to have a full-spectrim infusion into the butter, oil, and the edibles. Because oil and butter contain fats, cannabutter increases the bioavailability of the cannabis. This makes it easier for your body to absorb the desired effects. As humans, our bodies are able to process butter and get the most out of it. So, when cannabis is infused with butter or oil, it becomes easier for your body to truly reap the benefits. Cannabis has been known to improve and stabilize mood, reduce stress and anxiety, increase appetite, and even boost creativity.

When it comes to understanding the differences, similarities, tastes, and benefits of cannabis edibles and extracts, it is best to speak with an expert. A local shop will help you understand which edibles are best for you, whether you should use oils or extracts, and whether you can make edibles at home.