Useful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Yoga Mat for Workouts

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Choosing the perfect yoga mat can be a confusing task, especially if you have just started yoga recently. There may be so many questions in the mind that what to look in while purchasing the perfect yoga mat. Choosing the right yoga mat is important if you do exercise and work out on the daily basis. Most people look for a portable and lightweight mat that is easy to carry everywhere in the park and gardens. By reading this blog, you will understand the requirement of yoga mats and useful tips to choose the right Biodegradable Yoga Mat according to your body requirement and exercise.

Make Your Decision Process Easier for A Yoga Mat Purchase!

1) Consider Your Basic Needs:

You only know your body type in a better way hence it is important to consider basic and personal needs while performing exercises on a yoga mat. Consider personal factors like your body type and the type of exercise you perform on the regular basis. Generally, the standard thickness of mat size is 1/8 and it is generally suitable for fat and slim body people.

2) Consider Thickness and Density:

Generally, a yoga mat comes in three types of thickness that is ¼, ⅛, and 1/16. It depends on personal preference and the yoga type. The thin mat may not be a good choice because it can lead to knee and joint issues. Make sure to choose the proper thickness of the mat that is suitable for your exercise pose and maintain balance. The main thing about choosing a mat is comfort and the person doing exercise should not feel the floor.

Biodegradable Yoga Mat

3) Consider the Material and Texture of the Yoga Mat:

There are various types of yoga mat materials such as PVC, foam, rubber, cotton, jute. The yoga mats are specially designed for bearing pressure and resist wear and tear. PVC is mostly suitable for entry-level yoga beginners and is cost-effective, it is a durable and comfortable option for a yoga mat but it’s not the right option if you are looking for a biodegradable mat. Foam can be a good option if you are looking for a biodegradable mat.

Also, the texture of the yoga mat is an important factor so, it’s important that the mat is not sticky and slippery to perform yoga properly.

4) Consider the Appropriate Size and Stickiness of the Mat:

The standard size of the mat is generally 24 x 68 well, length can be customized according to the body shape and size as you move your body from exercise pose to pose.

5) Ensure Mat is Low Maintenance:

PVC and synthetic mats are easy to clean and durable while rubber mats may require proper attention while cleaning and maintenance.


Hope you found the above tips useful for choosing the right mat according to your yoga style. With the purchasing, yoga mat cleaning and maintenance are also equally important. Never use another person’s yoga mat without cleaning as it may contain bacteria and lead to fungal infection because of sweating on the yoga mat. To experience yoga with the best vibes, schedule yoga in the evening time with Himalayan salt lamps to absorb toxic energy from the place and have an amazing yoga experience.

Source: Useful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Yoga Mat for Workouts