Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor - Advance Features And Price In India

Powertrac euro 50 tractor is a medium-duty tractor. This tractor is famous for its effective and efficient work done. Powertrac Euro 50 is a 50hp engine capacity tractor.This tractor comes in India at an affordable Price For more 6.60*lakh- 7.25*lakh. details about Powertrac Euro 50 visit

Powertrac Euro 50 tractor is the most potent and efficient tractor manufactured with the latest technologies. This tractor is an excellent performer in any atmosphere and any place. The performance of this tractor is very significant; that’s why it has a remarkable position in the Indian market of the tractor. Powertrac tractor engine comes with many advanced features so that the tractor delivered outstanding mileage on the field.

The fuel efficiency of this tractor is exceptionally high, along with excellent fuel mileage and working efficiency. This tractor easily handles all the rugged farming equipment like harvester, cultivator, planter, Plough and many more. It has a respected fan base in the Indian market of the vehicle due to its performance and easy reach to the customers.

Powertrac Euro 50 Tractor - Price and Specifications

  • This tractor has 3 cylinders, an excellent powerful engine with 50 HP that provides excellent mileage in the field.
  • The lifting capacity of this tractor is 2000 kg which can carry a vast load easily.
  •  Powertrac Euro 5o tractor price is very affordable, so the farmer can easily get it. The price range between Rs. 6.60 Lakh* - 7.25 Lakhs*.
  • This tractor has multiple options like Oil bath type, Multi Plate Oil Immersed Disc Brake,8 Forward + 2 Reverse Gearbox, 42.5 PTO HP that provide easy to drive and effective grip on the field. 
  • The steering of this tractor is a Balanced Power Steering / Mechanical Single drop arm option from which the Tractor gets easy to control and fast response. 

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