How the Harvesting Method Affects the Quality of Wine


When it comes to a fine bottle of wine, it’s easy to overlook the importance of the harvest methods. Indeed, we often think of the storage conditions, the skill of the winemaker, and the variety of grape used when considering wine quality. However, the harvest conditions are also a significant factor in the overall wine quality. And today, we’ll briefly consider this to help you understand how to buy the highest quality bottle of wine!


How Harvest Conditions Impact Wine Quality

So, how do the harvest conditions impact the overall quality of your bottle of wine? There are a few ways by which harvest conditions can alter the quality of a bottle. Luckily, these can be summarized as follows.

First of all, mechanical vs. manual harvesting should be considered. Mechanical harvesting of grapes offers a far more cost-effective solution. However, manual harvesting with hand-picked grapes offers a finer eye for detail. This allows the winemakers to select only the ripest and most succulent grapes. Still, the drawback is that this is significantly more expensive for production.

The weather conditions around harvest time are also crucial to consider. For example, hail can harm the grapes themselves. Meanwhile, high rainfalls can lead to the gapes becoming saturated with water, diluting the overall grape’s flavor and succulence.

Finally, it’s worth considering the vine’s canopy at the time of harvest and even the time of day. Indeed, when the grapes are harvested with full access to sunlight, they will be sweeter. Once again, this has a direct impact on the final wine’s flavor.


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