The importance of keeping your car upholstery clean

Enjoying the house when it is clean and tidy is something satisfying, as it improves the quality of life.

Enjoying the house when it is clean and tidy is something satisfying, as it improves the quality of life. The same thing happens with the car, in which you spend much of your time going from one place to another. The vehicle is a cabin in which dirt, germs and bacteria tend to accumulate, so it is important to maintain appropriate hygienic conditions.

For example, fungi and bacteria tend to accumulate on seats, and unfortunately, there are many drivers who do not pay attention to the dangers of having a dirty car. Studies show that an average of 700 strains of bacteria can live inside a car. In most cases, the food that lands on the floor mats and seats is the catalyst for germs to proliferate.

Although it seems exaggerated, the health of any of the occupants of the cabin could be at risk if due importance is not given to keeping the upholstery of the car clean. Poor hygiene can expose both the driver and passengers to bacteria that could cause illness.

If you keep the upholstery of your car clean by disinfecting it properly from time to time, you will extend its useful life and protect passengers. In addition, a well-kept car is an excellent letter of introduction for those who accompany you on your journeys.

How often should the car upholstery be cleaned?

Specialists recommend cleaning the interior of the car every week. With preventive maintenance, and depending on the upholstery materials, deep cleaning should be done once a year.

This annual exhaustive upholstery cleaning process should preferably be carried out by an expert, who has the tools and the technique to make the car flawless. It is also advisable to do a professional cleaning when returning from a trip to the beach or the countryside.

How to clean the car upholstery?

To clean the upholstery of the car, the first step is to choose the cleaning method and the products to use according to the type of upholstery of your car, in this way, you do not risk damaging the materials.

How to clean fabric upholstery

Cloth seats are easily stained, so they should be cleaned regularly. The process should be done with the car doors open, and let it air for a while after finishing. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Vacuum the seats or remove dust by sweeping them with a brush.
  2. Apply a specific dry foam to clean cloth seats. Leave it to act for a few minutes and then remove it later.
  3. Another option is to use a sponge slightly dampened with a mixture of water and laundry detergent. Dry with a microfiber cloth.

How to clean vinyl upholstery

Before you start cleaning, check the manufacturer's manual and pay attention to its recommendations. Vinyl seats should never be cleaned with metal sponges, sharp objects, or abrasive products. Always use non-tearing utensils, such as soft towels and sponges.

For best results, follow these recommendations:

  1. If there are removable cushions, remove them before you start cleaning and grill them separately. This way you will have better access to each part of the seat.
  2. Clean the seats with distilled water using a soft sponge. Dry them with a vinyl cloth.
  3. If the dirt does not give way or there are stubborn stains, wash them with water and a mild soap special for this type of material. Dish soap can also work very well, mix a small amount with warm water and scrub the seats with a soft bristle brush.
  4. Remove the soap residue and dry the vinyl with a microfiber cloth.


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