Then close the door and take off your armour

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Although prayer will not work at 95%, it can considerably weaken his attacks. Vanstrom is likely to take Drakan's Key after a short fight. Visit Meiyerditch near the port and then head to Castle Drakan. There will be two Drakan Guards at RS gold level 125 outside. They will transport you back to Burgh De Rott and converse with Veliaf.

Is it OK, (player's name)? Yes... Yes... Drakan's guards got me! Oh, hmm... Here you can disguise your body in this armor. Then, put on the gear Veliaf gives you. Wear 65 defense and attack and use full armour. Return to Meiyerditch and the Guards. HALT! Who goes there?

This is your friend from the Drakan Guard... um... (Player name)! Hmm.... Well, you are wearing the armor.... proceed forward. It worked! Now carefully navigate to Drakan's throne room. Stop Knight What's your reason for being here? The guards came to me.

Then close the door and take off your armour. Equip your regular armour and kill 2 Drakan Guards level 125. They'll drop regular bones, and Gold (100-500) Now two Knights at Level 150 will come in. Make sure you turn on protection from Melee and you will stop them completely. They will then drop regular bones, which is about the same amount as cheap OSRS gold gold once they've been killed.