Alarming Signs that Says it's Time to See a podiatrist

You need to seek advice from a podiatrist since they have the level of experience and resources to get your feet on the floor again.

The truth be told, many people don’t feel the need or requirement to seek advice from a podiatrist when suffering from problems related to feet or ankles. Everyone is unsure what treatment could they possibly get? Since feet problems and aches can be handled through home remedies, but are you sure? Trust me, seeking help from a foot specialist is just like seeking help from a doctor when suffering from fever. Your feet are what keeps you moving, active and any issue that involves it is the reason to seek a doctor's advice. From this specialist, you manage you seek all help for all symptoms!  If you are wondering what are the most alarming signs for you to go to a doctor. Here is all that you need to know to gain a better outcome! 

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, make an appointment with the doctor.

Numbness Swelling: 

Occasionally, when you run a little longer, or walk a lot, or you've been sitting ideal, you may notice numbness and swelling. If this happens regularly, it is a problem of concern since regular numbness and swelling restrict you from moving around. Sudden pain and swelling for no apparent reason could be a thing to worry about! 

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Fungus or Infection: 

The number of cases of fungal infection in the toe is rising. This is because people don’t give importance to keeping toenails hygienic or clean. Cutting the feet’ nails is something that you won’t often do since they are not visible. This is what gives rise to fungal infection on toenails. One thing to remember here is, a frequent visit to a nail salon and spa can keep your feet hygienic, germ-free, and fungal-free too. Since it is too late and you are already caught up with it, visit a doctor now. 

Diabetes and Foot Problem

Even if you haven’t encountered any foot-related issues, if you have diabetes, frequent visits to a doctor make sense. In diabetes, you are prone to foot problems sooner or later since it dries your skin and causes infection. You need to perform a foot examination and reduce your risk of any disease ever! 

You feel pain in your joints, feet, or ankles.

Often, when you wear odd sandals or shoes, you might notice ankle and joint pain. Since your deets are not used to adjusting to the new footwear, this pain is not alarming. However, if you notice a very unusual pain throughout your feet, it is time to see a podiatrist. Arthritis is one of the severe conditions many Americans are facing, and it can change the way you walk and live your life. 

It also tends to make one disabled. Thus proper treatment can help you have a healthy recovery from it. You can walk freely, carry out your daily chores properly, without the pain bothering you. 


A bump that develops on the toe joint, something that your local nail salon finds pretty inconvenient to remove. Your doctor may suggest you do some X-rays to ensure what exactly it is and the cause. If the pain is unmanageable, you might recommend a minor surgery based on the severity. So, to be extra sure, there is no way better than reaching for help. 

Other possible reasons could be: 

  • ingrown toenail
  • Continuous heel discomfort
  • Painful corns
  • Sprain, strain, or broken bone

What about Foot Injuries and Doctor visits? 

Many people wonder whether they need to consult a podiatrist or the best orthopedic surgeons for foot treatment. Both professionals are highly skilled, trained, qualified and treat foot and ankle conditions through invasive and non-invasive measures. The only point of differentiation between the two professions is,  an orthopedist manages to treat pain and problems about the bones, tissues, joints. However, the podiatrist does the same thing and deals with the biomechanics and dermatology of the feet. They can be able to provide extensive care for people having diabetes and need serious foot surgery.  

Wrapping Up

You need to seek advice from a podiatrist since they have the level of experience and resources to get your feet on the floor again. Want to find one? Seek the right one at Injured Care that will land you to the doctor of your choice. Do not rely on an inexperienced one when you can get smart ones right here.