Should I Buy An Electric Van For My Vehicle?

Running any kind of business is no mean task. Even if you’re running a small business, you need to be extra cautious about your costs.

One such cost that we talk about here is the cost of the van that every businessman has to bear. A van is the most important asset for any businessman. It’s mainly used for carrying goods from one destination to another. That means the van has to be always in excellent condition.

One such category of vans that are gaining popularity is electric vans. Pollution is a major threat to everyone’s life and vehicles have a big hand in the toxic emissions of the atmosphere. As technology is growing day after day, the automobile industry is taking full advantage of it. The rising concern for the environment has given rise to the invention of electrical vehicles. the UK government has clearly stated that by the year 2050, it’s going to make it's country a zero-emission zone. That means, there won’t be any sale of vehicles running on petrol or diesel by the year 2040.

Slowly and slowly, the standards for exhaust emissions are becoming stringent and as the owner of one such commercial vehicle, you need to follow these standards scrupulously. Failing to comply with these norms can have you face severe repercussions. Manufacturers are very well able to comprehend this problem and that’s why they aren’t just churning private passenger vehicles, but commercial vehicles too.

You get those hybrid or plug-in hybrid vans for your business. You just need to check for an electric car charger installation and they are good to go. However, the big question is, should you buy these vans? Are these feasible? Get to know all these answers here in the blog.

Pros Of Buying An Electric Van

· Reduced Cost Of Running

You just need to invest once, but in the long term, it’s the most realistic investment. Let’s face the fact. The per-mile cost of electricity is far lesser than diesel.

· Easy To Maintain

All the electric vehicles are easygoing. They have fewer parts that are moving and they aren’t that hard on the brakes either. Naturally, the cost of maintenance is reduced considerably.

· Environment Conscious Vehicle

When you buy this vehicle, you aren’t just doing good to yourself, but for the environment too. With nil CO2 emitted from this vehicle, you’re helping clean the air too.

· Incentives From The Government

The government is leaving no stone unturned in promoting these vehicles. That’s why it has announced several grants that lure people into buying these vehicles.

Cons of buying an electric van

· Payload Reduced

Due to the heavy batteries installed in these vans, they might not be able to carry an additional load that you might need to transport. If you try doing so, this might reduce the range that’s already available to you.

· Charger Issues

Though there are thousands of charging points across the UK on the highways, charging points in rural areas are still an issue. However, a home vehicle charger can still resolve this issue for you. You can check for the installation cost and charge your car at home itself.

· Range Still An Issue

Most electric vans can cover around 80 miles. However, they might need to travel more. But there’s this fear of the battery running out before reaching the destination.

Above all, electric vans can be the best bet for your business, if given a thought.