Free Online Creative Writing Courses

Regardless of our role in everyday life, we all need to learn to write correctly. Knowing how to write goes far beyond knowing the basic rules of grammar and applying the general rules of spelling depending on the language we use.

Free Online Creative Writing Courses

Regardless of our role in everyday life, we all need to learn to write correctly. Knowing how to write goes far beyond knowing the basic rules of grammar and applying the general rules of spelling depending on the language we use.

Creativity, for example, is another important factor when writing, because it helps the author to better use words and literary resources. This allows you to develop your ability to express yourself to the maximum. Handling creative writing will be of benefit to anyone, regardless of what they do and my premium essay.

Here are a variety of 13 Free Online Creative Writing Courses that you can start today to improve your writing:

1.- Editorial Teleservices

The company Teleservicios Editorialiales (TsEdi), is a label of Spanish origin founded in 1995. It was created in order to contribute to the industry, offering editorial services, publishing books, and promoting literary study with face-to-face and virtual courses.

On their web platform they share more than 70 training courses in letters for free, including a literary creativity workshop . This program consists of exactly 365 activities and consists of writing a text every day to develop creativity through writing and create the habit.


2.- Free

Free is an independent web platform - blog style - where you can find some of the best online courses on the Internet at no cost. Its programs are aimed at all types of people, students, retirees, the unemployed, the self-employed, anyone who wishes can acquire free information. All with just registering.

Your Higher Course in Creative Writing is a training plan that invites you to learn mainly about the importance of written communication. Likewise, it seeks to teach how to correctly use the basic tools that are needed in the different narrative genres, including creativity.


The course syllabus is divided into three modules and the duration of this is approximately 180 hours. However, the user can organize his time as he wishes. It should be noted that it is a workshop with scheduled tutoring and qualification by Euroinnova Business School. We leave you a presentation video and resume writing world.



More than 2,000 training programs can be obtained by accessing the website among courses, guides, tutorials, and manuals, the vast majority free. They have recently agreed with the company Escuela de Escritores and have begun to offer a manual on creative writing for novels on their platform.

It is a purely virtual training program aimed at people interested in delving into the most famous narrative genre: the novel. Its system consists of self-study learning with a detailed syllabus, carried out by professionals, which can be accessed as many times as necessary. Download this manual now and start your creative writing study from home.

 4.- Writers Club

The Writers Club is a private web platform where a large number of literary courses and workshops are provided practically free of charge. Everyone can access this benefit for the low price of only € 19.90. Compared to the excessive monthly fees of other online writing schools, which exceed the thousands, this value is in short, a gift.

In addition, Writers Club adapts to the circumstances that currently arise due to COVID-19 and offers the opportunity to obtain a free registration using the code "MAT20" when registering.

The introductory creative writing course, taught by the author Covadonga Gonzales Pola, is one of those many workshops that you can access if you sign up now 

5.- Writer's Office

Writer's Office is nothing more than a personal blog managed by Alejandro Quintana, a writer, and professor from Barcelona. From this site, he seeks to help those fans of letters and new authors to improve their art. To achieve this, it uses this platform as a small virtual classroom and also as the office from which it offers its literary services.

Quintana makes available to anyone who may be interested, a list of narrative courses for a minimum registration fee per month. However, on his blog, there are many articles and tips on how to study narrative writing with a plan, without investing money.

More than just a post, it is valuable information that everyone can access, without even registering or submitting a request. There, Alejandro Quintana explains with theoretical and practical details how to start or improve in creative writing and write my essay

6.- Enrique Páez Writing Workshop

The main characteristic of an online course is exactly that, that its only transmission channel is the internet. For this reason, videos are a very good tool to teach directly, but without ceasing to be virtual. There is no doubt that the best platform to find good quality video tutorials and completely free is YouTube.

Apart from being an entertainment website, YouTube is recognized and popular around the world for hosting informative content on practically any subject, including literature. For example, the channel of Enrique Páez, renowned Spanish author, is a varied space where there are more than 50 micro-courses or tutorials on how to properly use the tools to build a story of any genre using creative writing.


7.- Verbal

Verbalina is a writing school created by the Spanish writer Ruth Rodríguez, which offers literary courses and workshops. These are both face-to-face in Spain, and virtual to the whole world. Among its training program, the course called " I Choose to Write " is striking, in which it is intended to teach how to organize the time and productivity of a new or experienced writer.

This training program is practically free, once the registration fee is canceled, which is only equivalent to € 35. From an economic point of view, it is a fairly affordable price for a course so complete that it includes: videoconferences, books, and study plans with downloadable exercises.

But, in addition to those benefits, when you enroll in this course, Verbalina gives you a free creative writing workshop as a free bonus. Sign up today and start any Monday of your choice.

8.- Uned Channel on Youtube

Uned is the most important National Distance Education University in Spain. Through it, thousands of students graduate with different degrees each year. From time to time, this house of study prepares new courses and online training programs that they teach completely free of charge.

They are courses that help facilitate and complete some other major studies, but that, without a doubt, can be used by anyone and are worth it, especially because they are endorsed by such a prestigious alma mater.

Their official YouTube channel is the free platform through which they broadcast their workshops, including the creative writing course taught by Dr. Silvia Bardelás. It should be noted that the description, objectives, agenda, and assigned exercises of the program in general and of each module of the course, are in the description box of each video.


9.- Creative Writing Workshop (TEC) by Israel Pintor

Israel Pintor is a young, but experienced writer based in Seville, Spain. He has created a personal blog called Taller de Escritura Creativa (TEC) where he shares practical tips for learning about the author's craft.

Through this platform, he teaches courses, workshops, tutorials, and others about the construction of stories, thus reinforcing creative writing. Along with his blog, he has a YouTube channel with more than 50 creative videos free where he addresses important issues when it comes to writing.

Not all of their courses are free, although Israel constantly offers a way to get them at no cost by following some instructions at the end of their videos. However, there are certain writing exercises available on his blog and some lessons that can be taken without paying an essay.



In you will find the free online course you need, regardless of the subject or branch of study. This wonderful self-study training platform is full of short but good-quality studies. These can be of great help to complete or refresh previously acquired knowledge.

The AulaFácil. com creative writing course is a program made up of six key points when it comes to building a story. It has been rated by users with an 8/10, that is, very good. The agenda itself was made by the professional proofreader Francisca Herraiz and is information that can be accessed as many times as desired without the need to register, without paying subscription or registration.


11.- Literatus

Literautas is a website where a large community of authors and literary fans share books, notes, advice, exercises, challenges, tutorials, and applications on writing daily. Every month they carry out a creative writing literary workshop called “Móntame una Scene”, totally free and open to all audiences.

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