What is the best way to get prayer xp from the game?

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Mining rings would prevent enchanted picks from breaking but if the 50 ores were consumed, the enchanted pick would act as OSRS gold a rune choice until the next day. For any other pick(except dragon) it might be a one-up about the select (ex: bronze would act as iron, respectively;-RRB-. It wouldn't turn into a rune pick into a dragon pick but it would give it a special that may be used once a day. They'd cost 20k.

Dragon pickaxes would be 640k. They'd mine quicker than a rune pick. Its battle special would drain the entire bar and hit on the opponant with a more powerful, more exact attack and could entangle the opponant for 15 seconds. Its mining unique would drain the entire bar. It'd get the ore in 1 hit and would get two ores. The mining guild could also have a deposit box to deposit ores. Any comments/suggestions are valued.

This is a matter of what I thought could be a fantastic addition to the prayer guild, and of course decent way to get xp! Now get ready for a lot of!

What is the best way to get prayer xp from the game? In my opinion its Worshiping the Ectofuntus. But that's boring, has no excitement, and buy RuneScape Mobile gold is time consuming. My idea suggests somthing that may be a little less time consumming and contains thrill (Hopefully its not boring!) And it's something of value for everyone. Please note my idea is a harmful minigame and you will not be able store your items on death.