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FREESTAR is a shop for the best non-alcoholic beer in the UK. We serve high-quality alcohol-free beer.

Want to enjoy non alcoholic lager? Lager is brewed using the bottom-fermented technique. It is the most common type of beer that is crisp and refreshing. This beer is a diverse group. A typical lager has:

ABV: 4.5–13%
Bitterness: 5–45 IBU
Color: 2–30 SRM

In the bottom-fermented technique, yeasts flocculate at the bottom of the fermentation tank. Ale is another common type of beer. Unlike lager, ales use top-fermented technique. Yeasts used for lager cantolerate lower temperature as compared to yeasts used for ales. Lager can be aged for months. Non-alcoholic lager is also gaining popularity. Visit our website and order now.