Virtual Team Building Challenges

. Let us talk about a few ways in which escape rooms can easily beat any meeting room in hosting corporate events.

Traditionally escape room games are games where players need to put their heads together and solve the tricky riddles ahead of them as a team before they run out of time. Escape room games have luckily turned out to be a great way of ‘escaping’ the world around.  As more people are prone to anxiety, stress, and depression-related issues, escape rooms have grown considerably. Many escape rooms are now open in various parts of the world. Quite a few locations of tourist interests have now also become famous for their escape rooms!

Escape room games act as a means of entertainment to people and help bring together people and inculcate in them the habit of working as a team towards a shared goal. Playing such virtual team building games, therefore, helps in successfully shaping the inner team-building capacities of one.  In ways more than one, escape rooms are a great way to host even private parties and corporate events. Let us talk about a few ways in which escape rooms can easily beat any meeting room in hosting corporate events.


  1. Interactively host your events!

Hosting a corporate event in an escape room allows the company or the organization to have a highly interactive program. Say goodbye to dreary and dull meeting rooms and presentations, welcome the new age way of hosting corporate events! As companies opt to host their corporate events in an escape room, employees shall be more enthusiastic and participate in the program better than before. The overall presence of the escape room alone shall be enough to boost up employees with energy, thereby increasing their participation in the event all the more effectively.  


  1. Inculcate greater participation levels from your employees!

Escape rooms are immensely interactive games that call for an equal amount of participation from each team member. By hosting your next corporate event in an escape room, you as the host will be able to increase the level of involvement in your employees considerably. The foundational basis of every escape room lies in the idea of team-building. Hence, as you make your employees participate in these games, the highly interactive and fun nature of the escape rooms would easily allure all of your employees to pay attention to and participate in the games with higher efficiency. It, in turn, would help your company in the long run, as you shall find your employees to produce greater productivity.


  1. Let your employees be vocal with each other!

Communication is the key to successfully winning any escape room game. It is essential that each team player continuously communicates their discoveries with the rest of the team throughout the gaming experience. While playing in an escape room, if players hoard their findings and information to themselves, then it shall be of no help to them in the long run. Hence, they must convey the information that they have gathered to the rest of the team to push their team to victory! As employees learn this through the escape room game, they shall also apply the same in their workspace and communicate with their co-workers more often than they did earlier.


  1. Work on your employees' team-building skills!

Nothing is comparable to a good game of escape room to help build upon the team-building capabilities of your team members. Escape rooms function on the same ability of players to work with their team and as a team. While playing an escape room game, players must listen to each other's opinions patiently before deciding on the game. Hence, as your employees engage in playing an escape room by way of the corporate event, they shall be able to harness the ability to work together with their co-workers. It, in turn, shall be of immense help to increase the company's overall productivity in the long run.


These are some of the few important ways in which mystery rooms turn out to be a fascinating place to host your next corporate event!