Tips for your car to pass a mobile safety certificate Brisbane

Seeking a safety certificate Brisbane? We have you covered with safety certificates for cars, motorbikes, trucks, and caravans. A roadworthy certificate sunshine coast measures the car’s safety.

Some tips for your car to pass a mobile safety certificate Brisbane


Need to sell your vehicle? Selling a vehicle requires a bit of legal work to ensure potential buyers feel confident in the quality and safety of the vehicle. For having a safety certificate Brisbane is required for a legal sale, and as buyer confidence is critical to close a sale on a car, it’ll add that extra boost of confidence that your car is good to purchase. 


Know what signs to look for when evaluating your vehicle for safety.

  • Tyres- For safety, tyres have to have at least a sixteenth of an inch of tread. The tyre industry has built a warning device into your tyres to alert you when it’s close to having less than 1/16 of an inch left in the tread by revealing tread wear bars. Tyres are important for safety; if there are nicks, cuts, or abrasions, the tyres functionality is compromised. Additionally, remove all stone and debris from the tread to prevent tyre damage. If your tyres are damage-free and have enough tread, they should pass the safety inspection. 
  • Brakes- Brakes are perhaps the most important safety system in a vehicle. Operators assume brakes will last indefinitely, but in reality, vehicle brakes will only last between 30,000 and 40,000. Replace the wheel, drive, and apply the brakes evenly. If you apply the brakes, you feel an even pulsing in the brake pedal; then it’s time for some brake work as you have encountered the brake wear warning. 
  • Headlights and taillights- Cars made in the past 30 years require replacing a single bulb and not the whole headlight unit. Both tail lights and headlights consist of three parts- the lens, the reflector, and the bulb carrier. Once the bulb is removed, replacing the bulb is easy; just simply twist a quarter turn, and the bulb pops out.
  • Windscreen washer- This thing is taken for granted by many of the drivers. Wiper blades last only a short time; the consensus of safety authorities and industry experts should be changed after every six months. Swapping blades is easy. The washers should produce a strong stream of windscreen cleaning fluid. The windscreen should be clear, free of scratches, scoring, and scarring. If there is damage to the windscreen, have it fixed.
  • Exhaust system- The exhaust system must be completely functional for obvious reasons. First, it provides the backpressure needed, so your vehicle’s engine works correctly. Second, the exhaust system also forms the basis of the emissions system. There are many checks you can perform to be sure the exhaust system is working correctly. After checking under the bonnet, you’ll have to look under your vehicle using a creeper. Have a close view of the exhaust system to make sure it’s free of holes or dents and other constructions. Finally, after checking the exhaust system, you have to check the internal condition of the exhaust system.  
  • Belts, hoses, and fluids- The final check to make as you ready your vehicle for its safety certificate are under the bonnet. There should be no sports, no wet spots, and no leaks. Have a closer view to the intake and output necks where clamps may gouge the hose. If you spot any spots, replace the belt altogether. If you also find a loose belt, then all you have to do is find the proper screw and tighten the belt up.

Having a safety certificate Brisbane lets customers know your car is in good condition and makes selling easier. Follow these tips to ensure your car passes the safety certificate inspection, and you’ll be on your way to selling your car in no time. 

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