Why Should You Choose JavaScript for Software Product Development

67% of global developers and 95% of websites use JavaScript. Amidst the sea of programming languages, development tools, and technology stacks available to the IT world, why should businesses look at JavaScript for software product development? Here’s my take on why JavaScript was, is, a

JavaScript-the most popular and powerful web app development toolset- is an ideal framework for SPA, API, web, app, and browser-based development. It is an opportunity that businesses of all sizes must capitalize on, mainly because the language remains relevant even today and is likely to continue being significant in the near future. From offering enhanced security to excellent user experience, fast development, high scalability, easy testing and debugging, and beautiful interfaces, JavaScript delivers on many aspects while staying mostly open-source, profitable, and easier to adopt. Take a look at this article which elaborates on why JavaScript is relevant in 2021 and why businesses should look at javaScript to create more innovative and better solutions. 

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