How to check ink levels on HP Printer?

Learn about HP Printer variants along with two simple ways to check the ink levels on these printers to continue fast and better print and performance quality.

Whenever you want to buy a printer, it cannot be denied that HP always comes up as the first ideal choice. They are globally renowned and that has a very specific reason- technological advancements and high-resolution printer performance. The printers come in several different models and each with exclusive features of their own. One aspect of using printers has always been in discussion- how do people check ink levels on HP Printer? This read will give you an insight into answering this question, which will further help you with a better user experience.

HP Printer variants

As mentioned above, there are several printer models that HP offer and has different but exclusive features. However, it only has two major variants- Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers. But here, to check ink levels on HP Printer, let’s talk only about the Inkjet printers, which is further sub-categorized to ink cartridge printers and ink tank printers. 

Ink cartridge printers

Ink and toner levels are displayed on the control panel of a lot of HP printers. Here’s what you can do to check the ink levels on ink cartridge printers:

  1. Turn your HP ink cartridge printer on.
  2. Locate the ink drop or cartridge icon.


  • You might also have to look for the Ink Levels menu or Toner Level indicator.
  • Get the precise data on your ink levels and act accordingly.

Ink tank printers

These printers come with literal ink tanks that are visible to the user. And checking the ink levels mean checking the maximum and the minimum ink fill line on the tanks.

Software/application help

Apart from these ways, you can always get help from either the HP Support Assistant or the HP Printer Assistant. The HP Print and Scan Doctor is also an ideal way to go if you already have the printer assistant installed.


There are tons of printer brands available today, but HP Printers have always managed to steal the spotlight with its advanced technological features, exclusive design and of course, performance quality. But, users have always been observed to face a dilemma on when their printers would run out of ink. Therefore, mentioned above are the variants of the HP Printers and the easy ways to check ink levels on HP Printer. There are even software programs and applications that might help with the same, and ensure a better print experience for all its users.