Best Vitamins benefits for Men's Health

Vitamins boost your immunity. It prevents the entry of bacteria through the eyes, lungs, gut, and genitals. The mucous traps the bacteria vitamin enhances the activity of male sperm. You also get ant oxidation benefits

Vitamins are necessary for the smooth and healthy function of our body.  A balanced diet gives a healthy dose of vitamins we need for our daily requirements.

There are two kinds of vitamins: water-soluble and fat-soluble. We need to eat a balanced diet to get most of the vitamins, as we can store only a few vitamins like A E and B 12. Vegetables, meat, eggs, fruits, and cereals in the diet will ensure that we are getting essential vitamins for our health.

A man who is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction can improve the erection process by taking vitamins to boost libido and testosterone production. It is always a better option to get the natural cure to weakness in males than depend on medicines like Generic Levitra 40mg, which doctors prescribe, to overcome severe erection issues. And the natural way is a vitamin-rich diet.

Vitamins for Men's Health


All citrus fruits are packed with vitamin c and antioxidants. Antioxidants protect blood vessels from oxidation. The health and flexibility of blood vessels ensure smooth blood flow in the body. It also protects the erection process of a man. The smooth blood flow gives an erection. Those who are facing erectile dysfunction do not have smooth blood flow in the male organ. Increase consumption of oranges, lemon, lime, and other fruits to get the natural cure from erectile issues.

Increase intake of strawberry, potatoes, and peppers to increase ascorbic acid consumption. The same vitamin protects urinary tract health as well.


Reduction of sperm or sperm abnormalities is caused by lack of vitamin B 9.  Take it from peas, avocado, papaya, banana, cantaloupe, and asparagus. The folic acid in combination with zinc improves sperm count.

Vitamin E:

This vitamin enhances the activity of male sperm. You also get ant oxidation benefits, boost to immunity, and anti-clotting with E vitamin.  Males with erectile dysfunction need to increase consumption of this particular vitamin to naturally cure erectile weakness. Get it from seeds, almonds, and peanuts.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, it stops deposits of cholesterol in the heart arteries by stopping the oxidation of cholesterol. Clear arteries lower the risk of heart stroke. The smooth blood flow from the heart to various body parts helps take fresh oxygen and nutrients from food to the body parts. An improved heart function immensely benefits the erection process.

Males facing low libido need to take the E vitamins daily. It has been observed that lower libido can lead to erection weakness. Low libido makes it difficult to get excited. Without stimulation and excitement, the erection process cannot function smoothly. So, reduce or cure libido-induced erectile dysfunction by increasing products that are rich in vitamin E.

Vitamin A for the immune system

Vitamin A boosts your immunity. It prevents the entry of bacteria through the eyes, lungs, gut, and genitals. The mucous traps the bacteria. The product of white blood cells ensures that any virus or bacteria is going to get a tough fight within your body. White blood cells protect us from bacteria and pathogens. The deficiency of vital vitamin A delays recovery from infection.

Fruits, vegetables, carrots, eggs, liver, mango, papaya are rich sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin D      

Bone health is one of the key factors in the overall health of a male over 60. Many seniors suffer from weak bones, joint pains and are vulnerable to bone injuries. It impacts the sexual health of such males.

Adequate intake of vitamin D through supplements or by exposure to sunlight prevents deficiency of vitamin D. In some studies in Italy, it was found that those with deficiencies of vitamin D were more likely to get infected with COVID 19.

Vitamin D also protects testosterone levels in males.  Some research results are showing the low vitamin D could be behind low testosterone levels.


B 12 for healthy nerves

You need blood and nerves healthy to ensure smooth blood flow to overcome erection issues.  The deficiency of this particular vitamin leads to a lack of energy, lethargy, and impaired sexual health. Increase your physical energy and overcome low libido for a smooth erection with clams, fish, liver, lamb, and beef. Eggs and cheese are the source of B12 for vegetarians.


Vitamin B3

Vitamin B 3 also known as Niacin plays an extremely important in male sexual health. It improves your blood circulation, the lack of which leads to erectile dysfunction. It also ensures the synthesis of sex hormones.

Regular intake of food with B 3 will reduce the need for Sildenafil citrate 200mg prescribed by doctors to males to overcome severe erection issues.


B 12

Reduce the chances of premature ejaculation in adult life with B 12. Premature ejaculation leads to erectile dysfunction as males with this issue cannot sustain the erection after premature ejaculation within seconds of an intimate session.

Sperm motility with B 12

Poor sperm motility means that your sperm cannot swim in the semen. The lack of motility leads to infertility. The couples will find it difficult to conceive if the male has motility issues. Studies have found that B 12 in food or in supplements increases motility by at least 50 percent.

Prefer to get all the necessary vitamins through food and fruits. However, while taking vitamin supplements, consult medical experts. The supplements are usually given when you are facing severe deficiency of some vital vitamin.

Any male on vitamin supplements needs to keep a gap of 24 hours between supplements and erection boosting medicines. Never mix both doses as erectile dysfunction medicines react strongly with other medicines and supplements.


A vitamin-rich diet removes the basic deficiency which causes erectile dysfunction in males. The diet also protects the heart, ensures smooth blood circulation and vitamin B complex, increases libido, testosterone production, and gives energy to males to function properly.

The combined effect is an overall healthy body, relaxed mind, and healthy heart. It leads to a smooth erection process without the need for erection boosting medicines.