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What is Tastylia?

Generic Tadalafil is available in the kind of oral strips together with the name Tastylia. It is taken to treat the erectile dysfunction problem that's not uncommon in middle-aged and older men from age 40-70 decades of age.

Each disintegrating strip comprises. Tastylia 20 mg. Every single box Includes 10 such strips. It’s working for lasts for 36 hours.

Since every strip is a disintegrating strip, then they melt in the mouth very quickly. Thus, you finally receive a quick remedy compared to some other medication. Impotent men get great results on this.

Tastylia composition

Tastylia made by an active ingredient called Tadalafil. It comes in dosages like 10 Mg and 20 Mg.

Tastylia company Name

Healing Pharma, India

How to take Tastylia?

You can take this tablet with one plain glass of water. You cannot take an overdose. You can only take Tastylia if you have a plan for sex.

How does Tastylia work?

Tastylia blocks the enzyme PDE5 (phosphodiesterase receptor 5) selectively from the penis area. The inhibition of the enzyme releases chemicals like nitric oxide that induces increased blood flow in the smooth muscles of your penis. Therefore, the penis erects.

Dosage of Tastylia

Tastylia stripe 20mg may be used orally, once per day using a minimum of 1 hour before the sexual activity! Never take more than once daily. The result will likely occur after around 6 to 15 minutes!

Based on what the doctor suggested the dose for Tastylia may change from one individual to another.

It can be obtained with or without food interaction!

Always take a whole stripe of all Tastylia. Never portion it in half!

An erection will not come because of taking the Tastylia stripe. It will happen once sexual arousement will start. Never take more than a Tastylia stripe every day!

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