A Guide to Selecting the Best Premade Lash Fans

Volume lash extensions are constantly growing in popularity in Hong Kong.

Lash fans are being used by lash extension salons in Hong Kong to make your eyes bigger and brighter. What are lash fans? Lash fans are made from two to even ten thin lash fibers. They are all attached to each other from the roots. Lash fans come in 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D shapes. One lash fan is attached to one natural lash.

Premade lash fans come ready to be applied to your lash. Artists expert in eyelash extensions in Tsim Sha Tsui recommend using premade lash fans because they save time without sacrificing the quality of volume lashes. They are very easy to attach. Premade fans also keep their shape well.

How to choose the best premade lash fans?
• When you visit a lash extensions salon in Hong Kong, ask the lash expert to show you a variety of lash fans, so that you can choose the best one as per your desired end look.
• Check for lash fans that have thin fibres and come on multiple lash lengths.
• If you want natural volume lashes, go for 2D or 3D lash fans. But if you want fluffier and gorgeous-looking eyelashes, try 4D or 5D premade volume lashes.
• There are two types of remade lash fans - glue-bonded pre-fanned lashes and heat-bonded lash fans. Glue-bond lash fans look and work well, but they are slightly heavy on the eyes. Heat-bonded lash fans are sealed at the bottom of each natural lash using only heat. So you won’t have to feel the extra weight on your natural lashes.
• The quality of the lash fans varies depending on the manufacturer of the fans. There are some lash extension salons in Hong Kong that manufacture their own lash fans while some artists prefer to use premade lash fans. Lash artists who create handmade lash fans have spent years honing their craft. Depending on the quality of the lash fans at a salon, you can decide to go with handmade lash fans or premade ones.

Premade lash fans are an incredible solution for people interested in getting a volume lash look without spending too much time and money on lashing. Handmade and premade lash fans have theirown benefits. It all comes down to personal preference. You can follow the aforementioned tips if you plan to go ahead with the premade lash fans on your next visit to an eyelash salon.