Things to Include in Eyelash Extension Kit in Hong Kong

The first thing that people notice about other people is their eyes!

Your deep and dark eyes can create the magic your words cannot. Your eyelashes mark your appearance sharp.

Women with long eyelashes that are framing their eyes, look more attractive. So, now you know why eyelash extensions are so important, it is time to learn more about eyelash kit essentials.

Lash extensions in Hong Kong now is an everyday phenomenon to make your eyes beautiful. It is always beneficial to learn about and their uses before using them beforehand.

1. Eyelash Tray- It is very important for you to choose the correct eyelash tray- so that the volume of the eyelashes are of the right size to the eyes.
2. Eyelash extension Adhesive- Make sure that the eyelash extension kit you’re purchasing includes an adhesive that matches your skill level.
3. Eyelash Eye Pads Tape
Eye pads and tape are essential to lashing, so let’s make them part of the routine. Eye pads protect the sensitive skin under your eyes while eye tape keeps the bottom lashes down.
4. Prep Primer
Primer is an essential part of a lash extension kit because it’s an important step for preparing the lids.
5. Eyelash Brushes
The best way to check your work is to give the lashes a quick brush – through to see if there are any gaps or if they are even.
6. Strip Eyelashes
Practice makes a man perfect. So it is beneficial to use strips in beginning and try out your hand with them.
7. Lash Extension Remover
It is advisable to learn how to take out your lash extension. When it is time to remove the eyelashes, your lash extension will come out in your favour.

Getting lash extensions in HK is not enough. Having a complete extension kit is necessary to apply and remove the accessory.