English proficiency: do you know what that means?

English proficiency: do you know what that means?

It is a fact: the job market is increasingly demanding. Mastering a second language, especially English, is a prerequisite for a series of selection processes. And, in order for you to stand out in your current job or even seek a replacement , it is necessary to prove your fluency, that is, to have a certificate of proficiency in the language.

A professional certification is a big and important investment in your career. With it, your resume is more complete, competitive and stronger in the battle for great opportunities. It is not enough to know the language, it is necessary to prove that you have mastered it completely.

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You may think: "ok, I am aware of the importance of having an English proficiency certification, but I don't even know what my current level is in the language". No problem. In this post, we will explain all the details on how to get an English proficiency certification and how it will make your career take off.

The English course gives you a base of knowledge of the language, however, the certificate issued by him does not help you to stand out professionally, because it has no official or international validity. Although many schools are recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC), the value of their certificates is only symbolic.

In this context, proficiency certification is the key to your corporate and academic success.