Who Are The Best Tackles In Madden NFL 21

With all-new pass rushing controls finding good blockers for your QB is now a top priority.

Ever since the days of Lawrence Taylor, left tackles have been vital pieces of an NFL offense. Tasked with keeping the quarterback upright and effective, the modern NFL tackle has to be incredibly athletic to keep up with the modern pass rushers and powerful as they are still required to move bodies in the running game.

When it comes to tackles, speed, strength and agility are all important, but technical stats like pass block and run block are vital too. Awareness is important so they can spot blitzes and stunts. So we bring you all the best tackles in Madden 21.

David Bakhtiari - 96 OVR

Drafted in the fourth round in 2013 by the Packers, David Bakhtiari has turned out to be a steal for green bay. At 6'4", 310 lbs Bakhtiari has been a stalwart on Aaron Rodgers' blindside.

Bakhtiari has been either First- or Second-Team All-Pro the last four years and brings 91 strength, a position-best 98 pass block finesse, and 93 pass block power to the left tackle spot. He's got 91 impact block and 98 awareness too. If you want to use him, you won't need to worry about your blindside.

Mitchell Schwartz - 96 OVR

Schwartz was drafted in the second round of the 2012 NFL draft. He was named to the Pro Football Focus (PFF) 2012 All-Rookie Team, lauded for his "top-notch pass blocking."

The massive brick wall has been crushing pass rushers for years now. He has started over 120 consecutive games and had 7,894 consecutive snaps (which made him the active iron man leader in the snaps category). He has a position-best 98 pass block power and terrific 94 pass block finesse. He also has 88 strength and 98 awareness, together with an 86 impact block.

Terron Armstead - 95 OVR

Coming in at #3 is the ultra-athletic Terron Armstead. The Saints LT has 89 strength, 86 acceleration, and 80 speed to hustle around the field and pick up even the fastest edge rushers.

He also has 96 pass block finesse, 95 pass block power, and 94 awareness. Armstead is also a better run blocker than the top two, with 90 run block finesse. If you are feeling tricky, you can use him at TE, thanks to his 65 catching too.

Ronnie Stanley - 93 OVR

There is a little gap to #4, but Baltimore's Ronnie Stanley is still a terrific player. He was drafted by the Ravens 6th overall in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft and earned Pro Bowl and first-team All-Pro honors in 2019.

His 91 strength goes well with his 95 pass block finesse, 92 pass block power, 94 run block finesse, and 89 run block power to make him a very well-rounded tackle.

Trent Williams - 92 OVR

Trent Williams has moved from Washington over to San Francisco and is still rated highly.

He is 90+ in every blocking stat - 94 impact block, 94 pass block power, 93 run block power, 91 pass block finesse, 91 lead block, and 90 run block power. Williams also brings a massive 95 strength to the position.

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