Professional Online Advertising Translation Services

The article provides examples of good and bad practices in advertisement and how advertising translation services help in fostering good ad practices

Advertisement is an indispensable facet of modern businesses. Gone are the days where people used to shout to a bunch of people to attract few customers. There is a whole different ball game out there - everything is digital. This has allowed advertising agencies to gain a strong foothold in the modern economy. Revenues of U.S. advertising companies (more than 65,000 advertising agencies) were $166.8 billion in 2014. In 2016, global advertising sales reached $493 billion. In 2017 the digital ads sales surpassed the TV ad revenue. In the squalor of discussing ads let not forget the role of advertisement translation in aiding the global reach of an ad message.

The Nature of Advertisements

There are no specific guidelines on how translation services for Advertising agencies should behave as - the only thing to be kept in mind are the end goals; it should ultimately urge the viewer to buy into an idea or a product. As a result, video advertising translation services should also behave in a very similar manner. The concoction of visual stimulation and along with the verbal translation should ultimately appeal to the human senses. A translation that takes into account the linguistics and cultural nuances should ultimately help in the final cause.

Advertisements translations Gone Wrong

Companies have gotten things hilariously wrong during translations. We will list out some examples. Beginning with Japan's Taco Bell that (poorly) Google-translated "Cheesy Chips" as "Low quality chips" and Crunchwrap Supreme-beefas Supreme Court Beef. Low quality chips make for low quality advertisements!


Let look at another example this time from the finance industry; HSBC Bank learned the lesson of bad advertisement translations in a hard and expensive way. HSBC sought to take its Assume Nothing campaign overseas. The original tag line worked well in the U.S. However, in many countries it was translated as Do Nothing. The company ended up having to spend a further $10 million to correct the blunder.

Advertisement translation/ translation Done Right

In 2011 Coca-Cola instigated - the now-famous - Share a Coke campaign. This movement introduced bottles of coke with 250 of the country most popular names. Adam, Abhisekh, Abdullah, and Abrahams all got their due depiction in the cokes bottle. In China, where first names are not used often the campaign tapped into online savvy cultures using nicknames like Superstar or Classmate or Dreamers. The Coke sales were up 4% by volume in 2014 in China.


The main point that we are trying to portray through these sentences is that accounting for cultural nuances during an advertisement translation can lead to growth. Professional advertising translation services are a good place to begin the process of translating advertisements. The benefits are manifold - let us begin by citing few, while we let the final judgment rest on you.

The Role of Advertising translation Services
  1. Translation: Online Video advertising translation services employ native experts to translate advertisements. What you get is a translation that accurately represents the cultural context of the local community. Online services provide support to hundreds of such languages from thousands of translators worldwide, thus, ensuring support for hundreds of global languages. Want translations in Spanish just begin by googling " best advertising translation in Spanish ".

  2. Saving money: Besides the obvious benefit of saving money (and reputation) during the process of translation (or retranslation), advertising translation agency also guarantees transparency and translation at delicious rates. 

  3. Turnovers: Online advertisement translation service allocates the task of translation to a group of experts. This division of work is substantial in your meeting the deadlines. This can also help in the coordinated global release of the product.